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Artefill for my Lips?

I am planning on having Artefill injected into my lips. They are very thin, will this fill my lips out nicely so that they'd look full? READ MORE

Will Areas Over-filled with ArteFill Eventually Look Better?

I recently received ArteFill for a scar on the right side of my mouth. It was big, deep, and looked like a very "wide" wrinkle. Several days later, I... READ MORE

Treatment For Lumps 3 Weeks Post Artefill? (photo)

I live in San Diego and 3 wks ago had Artefill injected in tear troughs, lips and laugh lines. I now have a lump under each eye at inj. sites and... READ MORE

How Long Does Bruising Last After Artefill Injections on the Lips?

I had the injection 3 days ago and the brusing is across my entire upper lips is this normal and how long will it last? What should I do to get rid of... READ MORE

How To Remov Artecoll From Lips?

Hello, I have had Artecoll injected twice to my lips. Once was with Artecoll in Toronto, second time was from Artecoll from Columbia which actually... READ MORE

Artefill Successful in Lip Enhancement?

Has Artefill been used sucessfully in the lips i.e., lip enhancement? READ MORE

Artefill in Lips. Will They Get Bigger Over Time?

Had 2 syringes injected into my lips about 3 weeks ago and didn't get the results i expected.I am hoping an expert in artefill can help me with this... READ MORE

Artefill to Plump Lips and Help with Vertical Lines in Dallas

I have been using Juvederm for a few years now with average results. It lasts two I am looking for a better solution. Does Artefill work... READ MORE

2 Syringes of Artefill in Lips Last Thursday. Will They Get Bigger Again?

I had 2 syringes of artefill injected into my lips last thursday. The results were amazing i was thrilled. By the 2nd day my lips had dissapated alot.... READ MORE

I had Artecoll injected into my lips about 10 years ago. I want it out! (Photo)

I've been looking up doctors that specialize, I absolutely want to do this, but I'm so scared of getting botched and looking worse than I do now. Is... READ MORE

Can lips be rebuilt after surgical removal of Artecol/Artefill? (photos)

15 years after injection of Artecol in my lips I developed huge granulomas. Surgery was the only option and my lips are now horrible. Last week I had... READ MORE

Lip Reduction from Artecoll? (Photo)

Just want a doctor's advice on lip reduction from artecoll/fill. I had surgery on it a few years ago but still have the duck look. From the front,... READ MORE

I received Arterfill in my lips and I saw very little no result. Any suggestions? (photos)

Should I ask him to rectify the situation once I did pay 1200 for Fuller lips. I know I would not have Angelina Jolie lips but dang. My friends and... READ MORE

Hard scar tissue after Artefill removal. Any suggestions?

Hello doctors! About three months ago I had Artefill removed from my lips that left me with rock hard scar tissue. Now my lips feel so hard and tight... READ MORE

Facial fillers making me look older? Recommendations? (photos)

My face looks much worse than it did only 5 years ago and I want to ask of potential causes/solutions prior to consulting a surgeon. Please see... READ MORE

What can be done to fix lips? Had Artefill injected 10 years ago and it looks terrible. (photos)

I had Artefill injected around 10 years ago and regret it. It looks like it was injected below my bottom lip border and is very assymetrical. Is there... READ MORE

How to Fix Lip Appearance After Bad Artecoll Treatment

Had a lip augmentation with artecoll. Got bumps and huge lips,and the part of the face on top of the lips very swallen. I got kenalog inyections and 4... READ MORE

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