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After Artefill, Will Gel-like Fluid in my Face Go Away?

I had artefill injected almost a year ago around my mouth, and my face feels puffy mostly around my cheeks and under cheek bones. When I touch my face... READ MORE

Can Arte Fill Be Removed?

If I don't like the way it looks? READ MORE

Artefill Removal at Any Cost

PLEASE someone give information concerning artefill removal, even if just partial removal. I don't mind a small scar compared to this lump of an... READ MORE

ArteFill After Radiesse?

I had radiesse injected into my nasolabial folds in December. Is it safe to have ArteFill now, since I do not see the results I wanted from the Radiesse? READ MORE

Artefill Lumps: Can CO2 Laser Help?

I had Artefill injected into my tear troughs (Intra-orbital rim hollows) 15 months ago. It was a traumatic experience. After all of the initial... READ MORE

Will Areas Over-filled with ArteFill Eventually Look Better?

I recently received ArteFill for a scar on the right side of my mouth. It was big, deep, and looked like a very "wide" wrinkle. Several days later, I... READ MORE

Kenalog for Dissolving ArteFill?

I was told Kenalog injections may help reduce slight over-filling ArteFill. From the front view of my face I look symmetrical, but this overfilling... READ MORE

Treatment For Lumps 3 Weeks Post Artefill? (photo)

I live in San Diego and 3 wks ago had Artefill injected in tear troughs, lips and laugh lines. I now have a lump under each eye at inj. sites and... READ MORE

I am having a severe problem with my Artefille/Bellafill injections. Why have I developed swelling and redness? (Photo)

10 vials of Artefill injected about 5 weeks ago and developed severe swelling and redness about 3 hours after injection. Had asked for cheek volume... READ MORE

Artefill Under Eye Filler Reaction?

I've had Restylane and Artefill under the eyes. Restylane over a period of years; Artefill the 1st time two months ago after skin test w/ no... READ MORE

Artefill Removal Possible Through Surgery?

I want to remove the Artefill overfilled on the right side of my mouth, and surgery is fine with me. I'd rather have a scar than a bulge that distorts... READ MORE

Options for ArteFill Lumps?

I have lumps in my laugh lines from ArteFill/Artecoll injections around 4 years ago. Is there a way to dissolve it and allow the body to absorb it, or... READ MORE

Nose Skin Not Healing After Artefill Nose Job: What Should I Do to Help the Skin Heal?

Nose skin not healing after artefill nose job 1 year ago, what should I do to help the skin heal. Not sure if the skin is dying or damaged. Is there... READ MORE

Can Facial Granulomas Caused by Dermalive/artecoll Be Removed?

I had dermalive placed in my nasolabial folds 10 years ago. Now they have formed large granulomas in my nasolabial folds. i would like to have them... READ MORE

Long-term Effects of Artefill?

I heard this product has been approved in Europe for 10 years. Are there any long-term safety studies? If yes, what are the results?  Does... READ MORE

Slightly Bulbous Nose 6 Months After Artefill

I had artefill done on my nose 6 months ago. It was my 5th injection into the tip of my nose, and since then the tip of my nose has felt hard, hollow... READ MORE

Can Artecoll Lumps Under the Eyes Be Surgically Removed?

Hi, Is it possible to surgically remove lumps under the eye (tear trough area) caused by artecoll injections from 2 years ago? I believe they are... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Surgically Removed Artfill? (photo)

I am trying to find a doctor who has surgically removed Artfill because I have a lump in my tear trough area from the product (.40cc under each eye).... READ MORE

How Long Does Bruising Last After Artefill Injections on the Lips?

I had the injection 3 days ago and the brusing is across my entire upper lips is this normal and how long will it last? What should I do to get rid of... READ MORE

How To Remov Artecoll From Lips?

Hello, I have had Artecoll injected twice to my lips. Once was with Artecoll in Toronto, second time was from Artecoll from Columbia which actually... READ MORE

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