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Remove Fat and Loose Skin Under Arms

I've had a Liposuction on my both armpit 6 years ago due to fatty/loose skin. I'm not sure if it's a breast tissue. My problem is it's... READ MORE

What can I put on the open wound under my arm pit to get this to heal? (photos)

I had an arm lift and TT on May 16th 2014 5 weeks ago. Under my pits especially on the left side there is an opening that keeps oozing and is wet. The... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure for Getting Rid of Underarm "Wrinkles" or Excess Skin and Would You Recommend It?

I've had underarm "wrinkles" or excess skin since birth. I also sweat a little more than the average person under my arms as well as other places (I... READ MORE

Stretchmarks Under Arms

Iam 19 yrs old & I went through a growth spurt a couple of yrs ago. I have stretchmarks under my arms, or the "bat wing" area & on... READ MORE

Arm Lift Scar Position Favored by Most Women?

I know it depends greatly on the individual, but could you give me an idea of which Arm Lift scar position is favoured by most women, inner arm... READ MORE

What is a Brachioplasty?

What is a brachioplasty?  Somebody was talking about it on this site, and I don't know what it means. READ MORE

Is Liposuction Required for an Arm Lift?

I hate my underarm flapping skin. Was considering arm lift surgery.  However, it's not clear to me if I'd also need to get liposuction to get... READ MORE

What is This Cord Like Tendon/muscle Under my Arm? What Shall I Do? (photo)

OK So about 2 to 3 years ago, i was training for cross fit games, i guess i wasn't properly warmed up at the time, and i needed to do muscle ups, a... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Sagging and Loss of Elasticity of Underarms?

Is there some nonsurgical way, like by lasers to get rid of underarm sagging, caused by loss of elasticity (I’m a middle aged woman)? I do Not want t... READ MORE

What will the scar be like from an under arm axillary lift?(photos)

Can I assume the scar for an under arm axillary lift will be something like this? Want to make sure to get back area a lil too.I'm so over this over... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to reduce the size of my arms?

My arms are very large in proportion to my body. They are not droopy at all, I'm actually 18. Anyways I have underarm fat and my arms are very large... READ MORE

I had brachioplasty 3 weeks ago. Any suggestions? (photo)

Everything heald great except for one little area under my arm pit, I am using Cicalfate like my surgeon prescribed but I don't see any results. It... READ MORE

Bubble skin on arm lift stitches, what are these? (photos)

I had arm lift surgery a week ago and I lifted my arms today to check under my armpit and saw these weird bubble skin things by my incisions what are... READ MORE

Results of arm lift 8 weeks after surgery...disappointing.....was I expecting too much? (photos)

Hi, 8 week ago i had an arm lift for my wobbly underarms.The surgeon said he had removed 122grams of excess skin on each arm, now they have healed and... READ MORE

How long will it take my underarm wound from brachioplasty to heal on its own? (photos)

My doctor said not to worry it will heal by itself. I don't have pain or infection but the wounds have popped open be sue of the tight area where the... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to lift the skin on the inner arm, against the bust, through a cut in the armpit?

The area against the bust and up to the armpit is not very attractive as we women age. Can this area be lifted via an incision in the armpit ? I would... READ MORE

6 weeks after arm lift - is this normal? White lumps. (photos)

I had an arm and flank lift 6 weeks ago today. The flanks are healing ok apart from some suture splitting but my arms don't seem to be doing well. I... READ MORE

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