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Arm Lift, Mini Tummy Tuck, and Brazilian Butt Lift in One Surgery?

I am 32-year-old woman, and I have recently lost 100 lbs, weighing currently 145lbs. I am in excellent health and a quick healer, or so I have been... READ MORE

Why Would a Surgeon Not Want to Perform Liposuction with an Arm Lift?

I am considering having brachioplasty and have seen two surgeons about the procedure. One surgeon recommended liposuction with the brachioplasty; the... READ MORE

Can I Use Brachioplasty As an Alternative to Liposuction?

I would like to reshape my upper body. I have been told I don't have enough fat (less than an inch - 5'3" and 125lbs) to do fat transfers... READ MORE

Arm Lift Revision (10 years later) and Bra line back lift - What are the pros and cons, & can they be done together?

Had an arm lift 10 years ago, it needs to be redone, they have sagged and drooped again. Because this is a second time, am I at greater risk for any... READ MORE

What are the chances of bloot clots/deep vein thrombosis from brachioplasty?

Hello! I'm 25 years old, 5 feet 2 inches, and 135 pounds. I plan on getting a consultation on whether or not brachioplasty is even needed for my arms,... READ MORE

Arms lift and breast lift w/implants. Can I have both procedure done at the same time?

Hi I'm thinking of having arms lift with breast lift and implants. I'm 59 had tt with thigh lift approximately 4 months ago. Can I have both procedure... READ MORE

Is being 67 a deal breaker? (photo)

I am 67 with Diabetes Type 2 under control with medication and have lost 80 pounds in the last year. I would like to loose another 50 to 60 pounds. As... READ MORE

Will lymph nodes be damaged or removed during brachioplasty and upper bodylift?

I've had a 350 pound weight loss resulting in excessive skin. I am wondering if procedures that remove the excess skin, such as a brachioplasty and... READ MORE

Is there a great risk for DVT or PE with brachioplasty revision to tighten loose skin?

I had brachioplasty in my 30's. Fast forward to my mid-50's. I still weigh the same but I have a good bit of laxity in my arms due to natural aging... READ MORE

Does postponing a brachio for 2 years after sagging, creased arm skin first presented pose a risk of more damage? F, 53

My upper arm skin laxity w/deep creasing, sagging skin from armpit to elbow began in Nov 2016. I've been working upper body 3x a week daily, 5/6 lb... READ MORE

How high is risk of scar spreading, infection, related complications if all protocol is followed? (photos)

After 6 mos daily intense upper body work on upper arm drooping/skin creasing brought on by rapid 10lb loss, too much lax skin remains. My real... READ MORE

Arm lift, what is the recovery time compared to TT or Thigh Lift? What are common issues I could encounter? (photos)

Hello, After loosing 126 lbs I have been on a series of surgeries to remove excess skin. The next (and last) surgery needed is to remove the extra... READ MORE

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