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Is It Common to Use Local Anesthesia for Brachioplasty Revision?

I had a Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) done in early 2009. The surgeon and I agreed a revision would be a good idea to remove the remaining excess hanging... READ MORE

San Francisco Arm Lift Revision Specialist?

I'm afraid to go to my plastic surgeon who originally did this surgery in Palm Desert. I had 3 revision surgeries within about two months starting... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Second Arm Lift?

I had arm lift done 4 years ago due to weight loss, i have lost more weight, i was considering another arm lift. can i get another arm lift? i have... READ MORE

Is there any procedure that can remove excess skin from lower arm (between elbow and wrist?)

10 weeks post arm lift. Healing well with closed scars and full range of motion. Area by elbow will need revision in 6-9 months. Could a lower arm... READ MORE

Not Satisfied with my Doctors Work ..he Offered to Do a Revision but Im Scared? (photo)

Hi So I'm not satisfied with my surgeons work and he even said that he agreed . He offered to do a revision but I feel he doesn't know what he's doing... READ MORE

Arm lift revision? (Photo)

I am 6 months post op arm lift. The thing I wanted taken care of the most is the skin around my elbows which is why my scar wraps around a bit. It's... READ MORE

Can a arm lift scar (in the arm pit only) be revised successfully?

About 5 years ago I had extra skin removed from the under arm area 5 years ago(not the arm itself) I am not happy with the scar and wanted to know... READ MORE

How is a dog ear revision performed?

I was wondering how a dog ear revision is performed? Is it extending the incision (cutting) so it will be longer than it is presently? At this point,... READ MORE

Arm Lift revision needed - is improvement possible? (Photo)

I had a revision-same surgeon-in 2013 due to banding & dog ears. This was the even more disastrous results. Can this be improved upon? Can my arms be... READ MORE

Arm Lift Revision (10 years later) and Bra line back lift - What are the pros and cons, & can they be done together?

Had an arm lift 10 years ago, it needs to be redone, they have sagged and drooped again. Because this is a second time, am I at greater risk for any... READ MORE

I had Revision Brachioplasty 6 months ago, the scars look worse than my previous surgery. Can the scars be improved? (photos)

I had revision brachioplasty 6 months back but scars look worse than previous surgery. also they are very visible from back which restrains me from... READ MORE

After 4 months and skin still sagging post brachioplasty. Should I revisit the doctor about revision?

I workout everyday 2x including weight training. I am working out my triceps however it really doesn't look like I had a procedure other than the... READ MORE

How can I prevent wound separation after brachioplasty?

I am having a brachioplasty revised. Last time, I had some bad wound separation in my armpits. Question: What steps can I take to avoid wound... READ MORE

I had Brachioplasty Six weeks ago and am concerned that I have a lot of skin still! Any suggestions? (photos)

I lost close to 150 lbs over a few yrs w/ healthy eating, exercise, surgery six weeks ago, have what I feel is a lot of sagging skin still, little... READ MORE

Lost full range of movement in arms after brachioplasty healed. Will this fix itself and/or can a revision fix it? (Photo)

I had a brachioplasty ~7 weeks ago. Everything's pretty healed up but I'm lacking full range of motion at my shoulder joint because the skin pulls... READ MORE

What needs to be done to fix the transition of where the incision ends, to remove the indention/hole area? (Photos)

I had an extended arm lift 6 weeks ago. I've been informed that my surgeons practice is closing and he cannot do revisions unless they are in office... READ MORE

I have a blood clot disorder take xarelto. I need breast revision / arm lift revision.

I have a blood clot disorder take xaralto. I need breast revision / arm lift revision. Can this be done . I have had an operation and used heparin... READ MORE

57 days post-op brachioplasty, getting larger by the day (Photo)

I had bilateral brachioplasty 57 days ago and they seem to getting bigger and bigger each day? There is a difference, but seems to be going right back... READ MORE

When is the best time to return to the gym after arm lift surgery?

It's exactly 4months since I had a revision of Brachioplasty, I've started going to the gym for aerobics and jog on the treadmill, sometimes I feel a... READ MORE

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