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Arm Lift Recovery

I'm thinking about an arm lift and just wondering what to expect. What's the recovery like after the arm lift? What can I expect in terms of... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants and an Arm Lift During the Same Surgery and How Long is the Recovery Time for Both Procedures at Once?

I underwent gastric bypass surgery in 11/2010. I am in need of plastic surgery to fix my sagging skin that is left on my body. I just had a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Recovery After Arm Lift and Full Tummy Tuck

I am due to have an arm lift and full tummy tuck (both horizontal scar and vertical) with a little lypo, after loosing 148lb. what will my recovery be... READ MORE

What's the recommended sleeping position during recovery from extended armlift?

I have read on this forum that many women have developed stretched scars on their elbows and they think it has been from holding a book tablet or... READ MORE

How long does it take to recover from an arm lift? (Photo)

How long are you advised to take off from work after a arm lift? I have a desk job with typing. READ MORE

Arm lift with Lipo cost and recovery? (photo)

Ever since I remember my arms have always been bigger for my body. I see pictures of my grandma and it ended up with her arms. I am a plus size girl... READ MORE

I'd like tight upper arm so I can wear sleeveless or strapless dresses. How much would it cost and what is the recovery time?

I don't need any liposuction just need a little lift in my upper arms, but I don't want a big that possible to have small scar if yes what is... READ MORE

I am 65 - is that too old for an arm lift?

I am very unhappy with my arms and would like to have an arm lift. I read about a proceeder for this where the scar was completely under the arm and... READ MORE

1/2 Marathon 6 Weeks After Brachioplasty?

I have been on a wait list for brachioplasty for 9 months now and they finally called to schedule it. Date is 12 March and I have signed up for a 1/2... READ MORE

After Arm Lift, Is Arm Sensitive Forever?

Hello there, I wanted to know after a arm lip, after a few months is it painful to get your blood pressure checked? is that part of your arm now going... READ MORE

1 month post op of Arm lift, how long is the recovery before I am able to move my arms around?

I had liposuction on the upper arms a month ago, and the plan is to do an arm lift later once the skin has retracted as much as it's going to. Now I'm... READ MORE

Arm lift and breast reduction combination?

Can a person. .african american. ..get an arm lift and breast reduction at the same time safely? How much harder is recovery and how long? READ MORE

Incision breakdown after arm lift. 4 weeks post-op. What's safe to use on open wounds although sutures are present? (Photos)

Week 1 my incisions opened under both arms. My surgeon closed both original openings with more sutures at 3 weeks. A few sutures did not hold due to... READ MORE

Mother of 2 young kids wants arm lift. Is it this a recommended procedure with toddler at home during recovery process? (photo)

I am a 32 year old stay at home mom of two young kids (1 and 3). I have lost nearly 100 pounds and am in need of multiple surgeries and would like to... READ MORE

Can I get an arm lift/breast augmentation and thigh lift with lipo in the same surgery? What's the recouperation time? (Photo)

I underwent gastric bypass surgery in 11/2010. I had an extended tummy tuck in 7/2012 and I would like to have a breast augmentation, an arm lift, and... READ MORE

How long after a full tummy tuck and breast lift can I do an arm-lift? Both surgeries went smoothly and I'm feeling good at 4wks

I've lost 70 lbs and have some excess skin I'd like to get rid of, so that afterwards I can lose 5 more pounds and tone up and hopefully finally have... READ MORE

What are your professional opinions about brachioplasty without arm liposuction? Thank you

I recently had a brachioplasty consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. He has been referred to me as the best ofthe best not only by patients... READ MORE

Doctor had to remove 4 sutures after arm lift because my arm turned white, what happens next?

I had my upper body lift with brachioplasty on Friday. My arm turned white in recovery and the doctor took 4 sutures out near my elbow and covered the... READ MORE

Operating room nurse scrub and circulating, having brachioplasty, bra roll lift and hip liposuction is 12 days off enough time?

I work in the operating room as scrub and circulating RN for pediatrics, I have 12 days off work and planning on bilateral brachioplasties, bra roll... READ MORE

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