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Swelling After Bilateral Brachioplasty

Hello, I have swelling in my elbow joint which has started 6 days post brachioplasty, only in my left arm. Is this normal? Thanks READ MORE

Unable to Lift my Arms over my Head 5 Wks After Brachioplasty, Normal?

My left arm has good movement but my right arm is very sore and movement is limited when raising my arm over my head. How can I improve this? I have... READ MORE

Is Severe Underarm Sagging Normal After an Extensive Arm Lift?

I am 30 years old and had bil. entensive armlift 8 weeks ago. The more time passes the more I have an underarm hammock like sagging. This is the same... READ MORE

Fluid retention in arms. Is this normal? What can I do to reduce the swelling?

Hello, I had a brachioplasty almost 4 weeks ago. Yesterday I noticed my arms and hands are starting to puff up a little like a balloon. More so in one... READ MORE

6 wks post arm lift & I'm worried. PS says wait 6 months for swelling to subside. I feel loose not swollen. Is it right? (Photo)

My pictures are at 6 weeks out. My surgeon made me feel dismissed. Should I worry? I can't afford another surgery and I'm heartbroken. The incision... READ MORE

Had my arm lift surgery with Lipo at exactly one month ago, when can I get back to normal life activities?

At eight weeks we are vacationing at the beach and hope my arms will not stop me from enjoying the family time. READ MORE

Arm Lift and Lipo Issues. Right Arm is Gushing Liquid, Normal?

I had a arm lift and lipo My left arm came out good, besides a little extra skin that my dr will be removing. My right arm on the other hand was a... READ MORE

8 days post op arm lift. Is it normal to have my skin black by the stitches? (Photo)

Is it normal to have my skin black by the stitches, see the difference between left and right arm. Not very happy with how its looking at this moment. READ MORE

9 months after brachioplasty, scar feels very tight? (Photo)

For the past few days the brachioplasty scar on my left arm is feeling very tight, especially when I'm sleeping, is this normal? A little background -... READ MORE

Questions about brachioplasty. Is this numbness normal? (Photo)

I am 18 days post op bilateral brachioplasty. My right elbow has some edema and I have numbness to my forearm. Is this normal? I also uploaded a pic.... READ MORE

Internal fluid build up after arm lift, is that normal?

I have internal bumps and swelling. The external stitches are basically healed. However, I have gone in twice now to fluid removed. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Mini Arm Lift Results- Is this normal?

I had a mini arm lift. I know I I am only 16 days post but I seem to be running into issues...pain, extreme arm is full of... READ MORE

I had an arm lift a month ago. Plastic surgeon said my body was pushing the dissolvable stitches out. Is this normal? (Photo)

2 wks ago I had areas to open up and drain. Plastic surgeon dug into each opening with tweezers and started yanking them out leaving the openings much... READ MORE

Arm lift on Feb 20th, does this look normal? (Photos)

Is it normal the my right armpit incision is still open ive been cleaning it and putting tape on it READ MORE

Bat-wing arms at age 23? (Photo)

I am 23, haven't had any major weight gain/ loss, but have bad bat arms/loose sagging skin on triceps. 5'4'', 118lbs, my weight has fluctuated from... READ MORE

Coolsculpting or Brachio plasty? Maybe lipo? (Photos)

Ive had 2 coolsculpting procedures done to resuce the size of my arms i had balls of cellulite that did go away from the coolsculpting i was thinking... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a sore knot and area 2 months out from arm lift? One arm is 1 to 2 inches larger. Is this normal?

Two months out from arm lift left arm very sore. Soreness is noticeable just from leaning against a chair cushion. A knot has form slightly above most... READ MORE

Pink-light brown fluid after surgery. Is this normal?

Today is my 9th day post surgery and yesterday I went to my surgeon to get my steri strips replaced. When I got home I took a nap and when I woke up I... READ MORE

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