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Non Surgical Skin Tightening for Arms?

I had Gastric bypass surgery about 8 years ago and lost 100lbs. Since then, I’ve experienced “loose skin”…EVERYWHERE!! I hate... READ MORE

Sagging Upper Arms After Weight Loss - Non-Invasive Options?

I Have Developed Sagging Upper Arms Due to Rapid Weight Loss,please Tell Me How to Fix It. i want non invasive method please advice. READ MORE

What's really the best fix for batwing arms without surgery?

I'm a baby boomer & had toned arms until my 50's. Now they're in the early batwing/flabby stage, despite exercise & I hate 'em but don't want to go... READ MORE

Will lifting heavy weights get rid of the arm flab? I prefer not to have surgery if possible. (photos)

I've lost 54 pounds mostly through cardio, and now have "Bingo Wings". Will strength training help this problem? I really prefer not to have surgery... READ MORE

What is the best procedure for mild loose upper arm skin? (Photo)

I'm 25 and in good shape but my arms sag at the back when I hold them up. They are not terribly fat, although that is where fat tends to go when I... READ MORE

Which non surgical treatment would help sagging underarms on 35 year old women?

Hi I would like to know what non surgical treatment I could benefit from for sagging underarms I posted my picture READ MORE

I want to firm up my arms. They are getting loose due to age. I don't want a scar. What are my options?

I am in good shape except I feel self conscious with my arms not being tight. I have lose skin due to aging, not weight or losing weight. I don't want... READ MORE

How do you tighten forearm area?

I had upper arm brachioplasty but did not want a scar in my forearm. Is is not that bad, but the skin has laxity and seems hold 'water'. that is how... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical intervention that would work on arm lumpiness, dent, waves?

I am tall and slender. I had a large volume lipo of my arms 6yrs ago. I was in agony for MONTHS after. A brachioplasty is too painful and I can't... READ MORE

What are the best non-surgical options for eliminating fat from the upper arms outside of coolsculpting?

I was told I'm not a candidate for Coolscupting because my arms are too long. The suction device will not reach from my armpit to my elbow and I will... READ MORE

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