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Unable to Lift my Arms over my Head 5 Wks After Brachioplasty, Normal?

My left arm has good movement but my right arm is very sore and movement is limited when raising my arm over my head. How can I improve this? I have... READ MORE

What Am I Allowed to Do Directly After Arm Lift E.g. Cooking, Etc?

What exactly can one do on second day of OP with arm lift,eg cooking, cutting of vegetables etc? or may I not use the arms for a period of time? and... READ MORE

Are there medical reasons (medical necessity) to have a brachioplasty? (photos)

Right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my upper arms developed "bat wings." In the last few years, they have gotten much worse. (My PCP... READ MORE

I can not fully extend my arms. Most of my pain is in my forearms, 3 weeks post arm lift (both sides). Is this expected?

Unable to extend my arms fully , sever pain in both sides mainly in forearms ,after arm lifts , I am 40 y/o and I had my arm lifts surgery 3 weeks ago... READ MORE

Limited ROM, pain, banding/webbing, hypertrophic dark scars, adhesions 9-mos post brachioplasty. How would you fix my arm? (pix)

I am in OT 1x/week and ASTIM 2x/week for limited ROM caused by brachioplasty in Oct. Therapist says skin cannot stretch as it's healed. The collagen... READ MORE

1 month post op of Arm lift, how long is the recovery before I am able to move my arms around?

I had liposuction on the upper arms a month ago, and the plan is to do an arm lift later once the skin has retracted as much as it's going to. Now I'm... READ MORE

Should arms still flap back and forth after a brachioplasty?

I had a brachioplasty 5 weeks ago. I know there is still swelling. The underneath of my arms still shake when I move them. If enough skin was removed,... READ MORE

How long does it take after an arm lift to get full range of motion back, and how much is movement restricted at first?

How much are you usually allowed to move the arms right after an arm lift, and how soon can you start to move them more? When will I be able to wash... READ MORE

Garment issue after brachioplasty?

I am 10 days post op and still have a significant amount os swelling at the elbows especially. I wear my garment religiously but by the end of the day... READ MORE

Lost full range of movement in arms after brachioplasty healed. Will this fix itself and/or can a revision fix it? (Photo)

I had a brachioplasty ~7 weeks ago. Everything's pretty healed up but I'm lacking full range of motion at my shoulder joint because the skin pulls... READ MORE

I have limited range of motion and arm pain after a bilateral arm lift. What can I do?

I had a bilateral arm lift performed in April, 2015. I developed an infection and had to have the staples in my axilla area removed after 6 days post... READ MORE

How to know if bacterial infection at brachioplasty site moves into breast area as pseudomonas?

After three different antibiotics, I'm being put on a picc line with levaquin? I do not know what to be doing next. I had my procedure 4 weeks. I feel... READ MORE

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