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Can I Get a Mini Arm Lift? (photo)

I am 25 years old and have lost about 100 lbs after getting lap band surgery. I really want to get my arms done, but I don't want a visible scar!!... READ MORE

Do I Have Options For a Mini Arm Lift? A Full Lift Seems Too Extreme For My Case.

I have excess fat in my arm pit and upper arms, my muscle in my arms are solid and the skin is not too saggy but a regular arm lift is too extreme... READ MORE

Could I Have a Mini Arm Lift? (photo)

After losing 95 pounds my arms are a bit saggy at the top and have stretch marks. I have been trying to tone them at the gym and I have slightly but... READ MORE

I Am Wondering if a Mini Arm Lift Would Work for Me? Or if I Need a Full Arm Lift? I Have Excess Skin on my Arms. (photo)

Can you tell me what procedure I might need and a ballpark of what the procedure will cost? Thank you! READ MORE

Would a Mini Arm Lift Work for Me? (photo)

I'm wanting to have an arm lift and have read horror stories on the pain and length of recovery. I would like to have a mini lift since I don't have... READ MORE

Who is a candidate for a mini Arm Lift? (photos)

I see that a mini arm lift is a type of surgery done, but most doctors discount it as ineffective. In what situation would it be appropriate and... READ MORE

Traditional brachioplasty...or lipo? (Photo)

I am 26 years old. I have lost over 80 pounds and have fairly large arms. I am interested in reducing the appearance of them, but unsure as to which... READ MORE

Don't want scar from traditional arm lift. Would lipo and mini arm lift improve appearance? (Photo)

I've always had large arms but after 80 lb. weight loss, arms remain large with 12" circumference in both upper arm and just above elbow. I know I... READ MORE

Any docs out there specialize in mini arm lift (short scar in armpit)?

Looking for best doc experienced in performing mini brachiaplasty. NJ /Phila area preferred but willing to travel to Miami area READ MORE

Should I get a mini arm lift, full arm lift, or just lipo? (Photo)

I have huge arms and they make me look bigger than I am. My previous doctor said he did lipo, but there's clearly no difference. What are my options?... READ MORE

Full arm lift or mini? Suggestions? (Photo)

So I truly hate my arms ! Exercise isn't helping :( , I want a arm lift just so jet happy about the severe scar it will leave so wondering if I can... READ MORE

Mini arm lift or liposuction? (Photo)

I'm a 20 year old female and I've always battled from a young age with my arms. I've NEVER worn a swimsuit without a T-shirt or even a tank top. I'm... READ MORE

Is a mini-arm lift worth it? (photos)

I am 45 years old and I would like to remove the fat and possible skin from the inner top part of my arm. I DO NOT want a full arm lift due to the... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a mini arm lift with liposuction? (Photos)

Hi, I've recently lost weight, 5 stone in total, however this has been very gradual (clean eating and 3 times a week high intensity training) I'might... READ MORE

I am looking at doing a Mini Arm Lift (axillary scar), Breast Lift without Implants & Liposcupture, am I a good candidate?

I would like to hopefully correct my Batwings (tricep area), Armpit/Backfat (top of bra line), Sagging Breast from having kids, and liposculpture at... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for mini arm lift? (Photo)

I've had prior liposuction approx. 8 years ago when I was 40 and am now menopausal and noticing extra laxity in upper inner arms with crepiness. I'm... READ MORE

Can I get away with mini arm lift? (photos)

Can I do mini arm lift short scare with lipo READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for a mini arm lift? (photo)

I'm interested in an arm lift but I'm not wanting an incision to extend to my elbow. Would I be a candidate for an axillary incision arm lift? READ MORE

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