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Non Surgical Skin Tightening for Arms?

I had Gastric bypass surgery about 8 years ago and lost 100lbs. Since then, I’ve experienced “loose skin”…EVERYWHERE!! I hate... READ MORE

Recovery After Arm Lift and Full Tummy Tuck

I am due to have an arm lift and full tummy tuck (both horizontal scar and vertical) with a little lypo, after loosing 148lb. what will my recovery be... READ MORE

After Massive Weight Loss My Arms Need Help, am I an Arm Lift Candidate? (photo)

Hi, my skin was damaged after gaining and loosing about 140lb 10 years. I have stretch marks down my upper arms and the skin is loose, causing it to... READ MORE

Are there medical reasons (medical necessity) to have a brachioplasty? (photos)

Right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my upper arms developed "bat wings." In the last few years, they have gotten much worse. (My PCP... READ MORE

Excess skin & fat btw breast and armpit after brachioplasty, crepe-like skin, can this be removed or corrected at all? (photos)

I've had a weight loss of almost 200 pounds, 9 months post TT and BA, 3 months post brachioplasty. I am pleased with the results, mostly. I still have... READ MORE

Exercise after brachioplasty? (Photo)

Hello. I lost 135 pounds about 6 years ago and had a brachioplasty 4 weeks ago. I wanted to know recommended arm exercises/stretches to ensure best... READ MORE

5 days post op Arm Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction on legs. I feel uncomfortable and swollen. Is this normal? (photos)

I'm 24 years old and lost 120 pounds. I got my operation 5 days ago, it included a tummy tuck, arm lift and liposuction for thigh gap.. The arm lift... READ MORE

Do you think I need an arm lift to get smaller arms or will I get a good result with lipo? (photos)

I have always hated my big arms. I am 42 years old, 5'4" and 152 lbs, but when I was pregnant I weighed 230. I lost a lot of weight and my arms are... READ MORE

I need to have arm lift surgery but I still have weight to lose, do I have to wait until I hit my goal? (photos)

I have lost 100 pounds over the last 3 years, doing it with diet and some exercise, but I still have 80 pounds until I hit my goal. I recently moved... READ MORE

I had Brachioplasty Six weeks ago and am concerned that I have a lot of skin still! Any suggestions? (photos)

I lost close to 150 lbs over a few yrs w/ healthy eating, exercise, surgery six weeks ago, have what I feel is a lot of sagging skin still, little... READ MORE

Is there a way to get assistance for plastic surgery after massive weight loss? (photo)

I have lost 120lbs. I have become a runner. I eat very healthy. I have a lot of loose skin on my arms, abdomen, and thighs. I have been at a plateau... READ MORE

I had brachioplasty 8 months ago and I was still 20lbs from my goal weight at the time of surgery (I lost 105lbs). (Photo)

Well, I still want to lose that 20, so I joined the gym on Sunday and plan to lift weights and do cardio. I'm 28, 5'1, and 160lbs. I plan to get to... READ MORE

Mother of 2 young kids wants arm lift. Is it this a recommended procedure with toddler at home during recovery process? (photo)

I am a 32 year old stay at home mom of two young kids (1 and 3). I have lost nearly 100 pounds and am in need of multiple surgeries and would like to... READ MORE

Would anyone be interested in pro bono patient, if you can help in any way, maybe discounted rate, please.

Would anyone be interested in allowing me to be a pro bono patient I once weighed 315 now I weigh 160 lost the pounds over 15 year can't get rid of... READ MORE

Brachioplasty or liposculpture? (Photo)

Hello! I had RNY 12/2009 and after losing 130lbs I am now looking into plastic surgery. I am able to stuff the rest of me into a bodyshaper. But my... READ MORE

Had a brachioplasty, mastopexy and a braline lift on May 7th, due to a weight loss of 300lbs.The surgery went fantastic.\

I saw my surgeon 2 times a week for the 1st 3 weeks after surgery, I see him again Wed Since my last visit, the swelling has spread to my abdomen, my... READ MORE

Would like to get quotes from surgeons in Mexico for Brachioplasty? (photos)

I would like to get some quotes for Brachioplasty for Sept/Oct 2013. 145lb weight loss from VSG surgery. READ MORE

I had an arm lift done 2 weeks ago. It looks like my doc didn't remove enough fat/skin at all. Will they tighten up? (Photo)

I had brachioplasty after losing 150 pounds 10 years ago. I waited a long time. Now that I have had it done, it looks like my doc didn't take nearly... READ MORE

Would I need a full Brachioplasty or a Crescent Brachioplasty? (photos)

Since losing over 140 pounds I am left with excess skin. I am due a tummy tuck and breast lift and March and next year am considering an arm lift. I... READ MORE

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