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Stretchmarks Under Arms

Iam 19 yrs old & I went through a growth spurt a couple of yrs ago. I have stretchmarks under my arms, or the "bat wing" area & on... READ MORE

Not Sure if I Am Supposed to Get Arm Lipo or an Arm Lift? Pictures Included.

I am 30 yrs old,124 pds/size 2-4 but my arms seem super flabby and out of proportion with my body. I was obese when I was a child and ever since it... READ MORE

Arm Liposuction or Brachioplasty? (photo)

I am a 26 year old, 5'10, 148 lb female. I tend to stay at this weight, fluctuating anywhere between 140 and 150. I may get pregnant in the future. I... READ MORE

What Would be Best - An Arm Lift or Tuck?

I'm 28 years old. I've suffered with bat wings my whole life. I can never wear anything sleeveless and am extremely paranoid about my arms.... READ MORE

After Upper Arm Lipo 3 Yrs Ago the Fat Now Feels Soft and Jiggly. Is Brachioplasty Right?

I had liposuction done 3 years ago. My upper arms were big but firm. Now they are softer and jiggly. I regret doing it. Especially since they are... READ MORE

San Francisco Arm Lift Revision Specialist?

I'm afraid to go to my plastic surgeon who originally did this surgery in Palm Desert. I had 3 revision surgeries within about two months starting... READ MORE

21 Years Old with Bat Arms: Brachioplasty or Mini Arm Lift (photo)? (Photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old and have lost about 45 pounds. Im 61'' & weigh 132 pounds now. I have strech marks that have gone white all over my body... READ MORE

What Questions Should I Ask when Considering a Modified Brachioplasty?

I am considering a modified brachioplasty. I have attempted to research the technique without success. I was able to inquire on how many layers of... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Consult My Surgeon About the Loose Skin Post-Op Arm Lift?

I had an armlift nearly 3 weeks ago and have been wearing a compression garment. I know its early days but my arms are really loose still and still... READ MORE

Laser Lipo VS Arm Lift?

For the past couple of years I have been thinking about a way to chop half my arm off UGH. I have always had big arms growing up even when I was at my... READ MORE

Should I panic? Has my arm lift incision opened? (Photo)

I had an arm lift two weeks ago and well I'll let the pic speak for itself, I also had a tummy tuck the same day and I'm still draining 600 to 700 ccs... READ MORE

I'm a Woman and I Want to Be Feminine, Please Help!

Please, if anyone out there can help me or give me advice on how to get rid of my muscular arm. I never go to the beach and I'm embarassed to... READ MORE

Skin puckering 2 years after arm lift surgery (photos)

I went back to have a breast lift, no implants and an arm lift. I was told that it would take up to two years for my arms to completely heal, the... READ MORE

Should I Get an Arm Lift or Laser Lipo? 28 Year Old Female. (photo)

I’m a 28 year old female, 5’3”, and approximately 145 lbs. I’m of island decent, and my arms have always been significantly bigger than most. They’re... READ MORE

Liposuction or Brachioplasty? (Photo)

My upper arms have fat, loose skin, and many stretch marks. The widest part of my upper arms are about 14" around. I saw 2 different plastic surgeons.... READ MORE

Can I get an Elbow Lift? (Photo)

I am a 60 year old So Cal Female whose days in the sun have finally caught up to me. I had Brachioplasty and Medial Thigh Lift on 5/11/2015 and am... READ MORE

What can I expect Brachioplasty: not much excess skin, mostly just flabby FAT, so can I just do Liposuction? (photos)

I'm not at my ideal weight but quite honestly I'm tired of trying to lose weight. My new goal is to continue to eat healthy and keep moving. I've... READ MORE

Do i need an Arm Lift or just Liposuction? What will make the hanging arm go away? With compression? (photos)

Looking to have breast lift/implant , arm lift or lipo whatever is needed, tummy tuck/lipo on hips/inner thigh/back of legs READ MORE

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