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How to get rid of flabby arms?

I used to have triceps, now I have wings of saggy arm flab that won't go away. I've been trying to tone this area for months with no results, and I'm... READ MORE

Excess skin & fat btw breast and armpit after brachioplasty, crepe-like skin, can this be removed or corrected at all? (photos)

I've had a weight loss of almost 200 pounds, 9 months post TT and BA, 3 months post brachioplasty. I am pleased with the results, mostly. I still have... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to reduce the size of my arms?

My arms are very large in proportion to my body. They are not droopy at all, I'm actually 18. Anyways I have underarm fat and my arms are very large... READ MORE

Can I Use Brachioplasty As an Alternative to Liposuction?

I would like to reshape my upper body. I have been told I don't have enough fat (less than an inch - 5'3" and 125lbs) to do fat transfers... READ MORE

What can I expect Brachioplasty: not much excess skin, mostly just flabby FAT, so can I just do Liposuction? (photos)

I'm not at my ideal weight but quite honestly I'm tired of trying to lose weight. My new goal is to continue to eat healthy and keep moving. I've... READ MORE

Excessive skin or fat on my arms? (photo)

I'm 20years old female. I've  lost 45 pounds. Everything else on my body is shrinking so is my arms but I feel like they arent tight enough and... READ MORE

Would you recommend a Simultaneous or Staged approach for an Arm Lift with Lipo? (F, early 20's, ~100lbs lost w/o surgery)

I have skin laxity and some remaining fat in my upper arms. For an arm lift w/ lipo would you recommend a simultaneous or staged approach? I've heard... READ MORE

I am schedule May 25, 2016 for brachioplasty and mastopexy with aug. Any suggestions? (photos)

I see a lot of doctors do lipo on the arms as part of the procedure. I don't believe my doctor mentioned anything about lipo. Based on this photo of... READ MORE

Would an arm lift, or fat transfer, treat excess skin caused by upper arm Liposuction?

I have had liposuction to the upper arm. Too much fat was removed now there is not enough volume left to stretch out the skin. Is a fat transfer... READ MORE

Do I need an arm lift or will I lose this fat after trying to lose 20lbs? (photo)

I just went to a plastic surgeon in my area. He suggested an extended arm lift. I felt I was rushed out the office so I am sending this question out... READ MORE

Brachioplasty - No lipo. Why didn't my doctor do that?

I just had brachioplasty done and I was under the impression that I was going to have liposuction done and he didn't do that. He said he only doesn't... READ MORE

How do I know if the doctor performed liposuction for my Brachioplasty?

I got Brachioplasty but honestly I feel the same amount of fat. As if he just cut off the loose skin and sewed it back together and didn't do... READ MORE

Fatty arms. What treatment can be done to improve my arms? (Photo)

What treatment can be done to improve to smooth my arms, I hate wearing short sleeves, they look so lumpy and fat, thank you READ MORE

Underarm fat; what should I do?

Hi I am still trying to find a solution to my underarm fat. I had a scan and they say it's only fat. And seems to have gotten bigger since last year... READ MORE

I'm healthy and in shape, but have extra fat around my arms, what are my options? 29 year old female - 5'4" and 130-134 pounds.

I have a mostly healthy diet and work out regularly (4-6 days a week). I do not have much excess body fat - and would only like to lose around 5-8... READ MORE

Why is excess fat around back armpits left behind a brachioplasty surgery?

I had a brachioplasty done in Spt 2016 but now I have excess fat under my back arm pits. If I loose weight, do you think this will help get rid of it? READ MORE

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