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I Don't Need an Arm Lift, I Simply Need It Pulled and Tucked Up, Possible?

I don't need an arm lift. My skin is simply going south due to gravity. If I could have a tuckup in my armpit it would solve my problem. Is this... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure for Getting Rid of Underarm "Wrinkles" or Excess Skin and Would You Recommend It?

I've had underarm "wrinkles" or excess skin since birth. I also sweat a little more than the average person under my arms as well as other places (I... READ MORE

How can I eliminate excess skin in my arms?

I had lipo Sept. 09, and this was performed to remove slight wings under my arms. I am 5'6" and weigh 118 lb., but the result was less than... READ MORE

Tightening the Excess Skin Inside the Forearm? (photo)

Is there a surgical procedure to eliminate the saggy skin inside the forearm to the elbow? I had an arm lift one year ago and did not address this... READ MORE

What Are my Options with Excess Skin on my Arms, Arm Pit Area and Side Breast Area? (photo)

I recently lost 60 pounds and now i have excess everywhere I am going to having several procedures such as TT. I am also schedule for an arm lift, but... READ MORE

Excess skin & fat btw breast and armpit after brachioplasty, crepe-like skin, can this be removed or corrected at all? (photos)

I've had a weight loss of almost 200 pounds, 9 months post TT and BA, 3 months post brachioplasty. I am pleased with the results, mostly. I still have... READ MORE

Is there any procedure that can remove excess skin from lower arm (between elbow and wrist?)

10 weeks post arm lift. Healing well with closed scars and full range of motion. Area by elbow will need revision in 6-9 months. Could a lower arm... READ MORE

Have Lost over 250 Lbs Are There Pics of Liposuction for Upper Arm Fat Removal?

I have a lot of EXCESS skin hanging south and would like to see some pictures here to see what it actually looks like on the befor and after I am 60... READ MORE

What can I expect Brachioplasty: not much excess skin, mostly just flabby FAT, so can I just do Liposuction? (photos)

I'm not at my ideal weight but quite honestly I'm tired of trying to lose weight. My new goal is to continue to eat healthy and keep moving. I've... READ MORE

Do i need an Arm Lift or just Liposuction? What will make the hanging arm go away? With compression? (photos)

Looking to have breast lift/implant , arm lift or lipo whatever is needed, tummy tuck/lipo on hips/inner thigh/back of legs READ MORE

Excessive skin or fat on my arms? (photo)

I'm 20years old female. I've  lost 45 pounds. Everything else on my body is shrinking so is my arms but I feel like they arent tight enough and... READ MORE

Cost of arm lift in or near Concord/Walnut creek CA? (Photo)

I'm seriously considering having a brachioplasty done, I have lost 90 lbs and plan to lose another 30 or so... I'm 99% sure that I won't ever be happy... READ MORE

Do I need an Armlift or can I just get Liposuction in my arms? (Photos)

My weight has always been up down, but my stubborn arms always stayed the same. A few years back I got a little liposuction in my arms and abdomen, I... READ MORE

Results of arm lift 8 weeks after surgery...disappointing.....was I expecting too much? (photos)

Hi, 8 week ago i had an arm lift for my wobbly underarms.The surgeon said he had removed 122grams of excess skin on each arm, now they have healed and... READ MORE

Would I need a full Brachioplasty or a Crescent Brachioplasty? (photos)

Since losing over 140 pounds I am left with excess skin. I am due a tummy tuck and breast lift and March and next year am considering an arm lift. I... READ MORE

How many cosmetic procedures can I have done at once? (photo)

I'm a 19 year old female, 190lbs and 5'6. I have lost over 100 pounds and have a lot of excess skin, especially in my lower abdomen, under arms, and... READ MORE

Coolsculpting or Brachio plasty? Maybe lipo? (Photos)

Ive had 2 coolsculpting procedures done to resuce the size of my arms i had balls of cellulite that did go away from the coolsculpting i was thinking... READ MORE

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