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San Francisco Arm Lift Revision Specialist?

I'm afraid to go to my plastic surgeon who originally did this surgery in Palm Desert. I had 3 revision surgeries within about two months starting... READ MORE

Limited Incision Brachioplasty Doctor

If it were you or your significant other, who would you have do the limited incision brachioplasty? I would like to have this done now, but I'll... READ MORE

FL Arm Lift Doctor Recommendations

Does anybody know a doctor who does axillary under arm lift, possibly in FL? Thank you. READ MORE

Inland Empire or San Diego Multiple Plastic Surgeries Doctor Recommendation

Do you have any recommendations of good doctors who perform Arm lift, Breast lift or Breast implants, and hernia repair in the Inland Empire or San... READ MORE

How Can I Convince a Surgeon to Do a Brachioplasty? Or Am I out of Luck?

Surgeons in my area are moving away from the brachioplasty because of patients ending up unhappy with the scar, so it is becoming very hard to find a... READ MORE

Arm Lift revision needed - is improvement possible? (Photo)

I had a revision-same surgeon-in 2013 due to banding & dog ears. This was the even more disastrous results. Can this be improved upon? Can my arms be... READ MORE

Looking for a Brachioplasty Expert in Fairfield County?

I'm considering having a Brachioplasty. I'm looking for a plastic surgeon in the Fairfield county area that focus on the minimal incision type... READ MORE

Any docs out there specialize in mini arm lift (short scar in armpit)?

Looking for best doc experienced in performing mini brachiaplasty. NJ /Phila area preferred but willing to travel to Miami area READ MORE

I read MiXto SX laser is being used for elbow sag. Anyone on here using it for that?

Can anyone on here prove with photos, patient recommendations success with this? Especially drs in NY? READ MORE

Any Pittsburgh doctors that will do arm lift, breast lift with implants and thigh lift all at once?

I have lost 130 pounds! I am 5'9 and 190 pounds. My thighs and arms bother me so much. I have trouble fitting into regular fitting clothes. I will... READ MORE

35 y/o female, 150 lbs lost, excess skin removal. Can a brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, thighplasty and mastopexy be combined?

Can a brachioplasty, a full/extended abdominoplasty, a thighplasty and a mastopexy (with augmentation) be combined? If not, how should they be staged... READ MORE

I am considering having an arm lift for sagging skin due to genetics/sun exposure, not massive weight loss.

I am looking for a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience doing arm lift surgery in the Denver, CO area. How can I get this information? READ MORE

Arm lift... Could a good result be achieved in one operation? (photos)

I've been told due to excess skin having lost 13 stone that I would need to operations to achieve a decent result. I want to find a surgeon in... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons out there that can do an Arm Lift in the armpit area?

I have saggy arms because of my age, i am 54 and always laid out in the sun when I was young. My arms are not so bad that I need that long scar. I... READ MORE

How do I determine what doctor to use for my arm lift?

In the past I have checked pictures, board certification, patient reviews, and even medical board. I ended up with 2 breast lifts and implants because... READ MORE

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