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21 Years Old with Bat Arms: Brachioplasty or Mini Arm Lift (photo)? (Photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old and have lost about 45 pounds. Im 61'' & weigh 132 pounds now. I have strech marks that have gone white all over my body... READ MORE

Techniques You Use to Liposuction Arm Fat?

What techniques or methods do you personally use to minimize irregularities and contour problems that can occur with arm fat liposuction? I am 125lbs... READ MORE

Arm lift: Drains or no drains? Lipo or no lipo? I have consulted 2 doctors and am confused as their approach is very different

I have genetic hanging arms with a medium amount of fat I have been to 2 plastic surgeons No1 was happy to do an armlift in day surgery with no lipo... READ MORE

Liposuction or Brachioplasty? (Photo)

My upper arms have fat, loose skin, and many stretch marks. The widest part of my upper arms are about 14" around. I saw 2 different plastic surgeons.... READ MORE

Arm tattoo excision during arm lift or brachioplasty?

I have an arm band on one arm and approx 4 inch by 4 inch tattoo on bicep of other arm. I want them gone. I need an arm lift after major weight loss... READ MORE

Does Thermitight (Internal Radiofrequency-via incision) work? Vs. mini-brachioplasty vs. full arm lift? (photo)

What's the best for me? I had liposuction a few years back on my arms & this left me with loose skin under my arms. What procedure would be best... READ MORE

Do i really need a big arm lift? Could I benefit from liposuction or a small arm lift? (Photo)

Of course i would prefere lipo or small armlift to minimize scaring. But is it an option or do i really need a big arm lidt to get rid of my big upper... READ MORE

Arm lipo or arm lift? (Photo)

Im 35 year old mam of 4. I gain massive weight everytime i get pregnant but lose most of it after a few months, my problem is my arms became sagged... READ MORE

Why have I received two very different opinions on a brachioplasty?

Had 2 very different consultations from 2 reputable surgeons. Dr. A said I can get surgery on Friday and go to work on Monday with dissolvable... READ MORE

Do I need brachioplasty, or just arm liposuction? (Photo)

I'm 5ft6in. At 19 I was 130 lb. At 31, 172 lb. On Jan started Zumba, eating healthy, by Oct was 133 lb. 4 months ago, had abdominoplasty, liposuction,... READ MORE

Do I need an arm lift or lipo? (Photo)

I have big arms with hanging skin! Should i just try for lipo or the complete arm lift? READ MORE

Mini arm lift or liposuction? (Photo)

I'm a 20 year old female and I've always battled from a young age with my arms. I've NEVER worn a swimsuit without a T-shirt or even a tank top. I'm... READ MORE

Difference between arm lift and lipo of the arm?

What is the difference between arm lift and Lipo of the arm READ MORE

Arm lipo or arm lift after VSG? (Photo)

I had gastric sleeve surgery about a year ago and I am considering having plastic surgery. I dont know if I qualify for arm lipo or arm lift. I dont... READ MORE

Arm Liposuction vs Brachioplasty (Photo)

I have large upper arms and it is genetic. Granted, my weight always been high, even when in good shape but my arms have always been awful. I really... READ MORE

Arm lift, or lipo? (Photo)

What would be the best way to do my arm? Uncertain which would be best.. Smart lipo or arm reduction. I can literally Pinchgrab a handfull of skin... READ MORE

Would I need a full Brachioplasty or a Crescent Brachioplasty? (photos)

Since losing over 140 pounds I am left with excess skin. I am due a tummy tuck and breast lift and March and next year am considering an arm lift. I... READ MORE

Arm lift, or CoolSculpting? (Photo)

I have lost 125 lbs. I am unhappy with my arms. They rub me. And just with how they look overall. Am I a good candidate for an arm lift or would... READ MORE

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