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I Don't Need an Arm Lift, I Simply Need It Pulled and Tucked Up, Possible?

I don't need an arm lift. My skin is simply going south due to gravity. If I could have a tuckup in my armpit it would solve my problem. Is this... READ MORE

Not Sure if I Am Supposed to Get Arm Lipo or an Arm Lift? Pictures Included.

I am 30 yrs old,124 pds/size 2-4 but my arms seem super flabby and out of proportion with my body. I was obese when I was a child and ever since it... READ MORE

Would a Mini Arm Tuck Help Me? (photo)

I really wanted lipo on my arms but I have stretch marks even though I was never overweight. The doc said my skin is too soft and won't do it but... READ MORE

Arm Fat and Loose Skin? (photo)

Hello, I´m a 24 year old woman from Mexico, I´ve had big arms all my life and my weight has fluctuated since I was a kid, so I also have loose skin o... READ MORE

After Massive Weight Loss My Arms Need Help, am I an Arm Lift Candidate? (photo)

Hi, my skin was damaged after gaining and loosing about 140lb 10 years. I have stretch marks down my upper arms and the skin is loose, causing it to... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mini Arm Lift? (photo)

I would like to realistically get a 50% improvement on my "hanging skin" but really am not comfortable with the long scar a full arm lift would give me. READ MORE

Who is a candidate for a mini Arm Lift? (photos)

I see that a mini arm lift is a type of surgery done, but most doctors discount it as ineffective. In what situation would it be appropriate and... READ MORE

Would a Mini Arm Lift Work for Me? (photo)

I'm wanting to have an arm lift and have read horror stories on the pain and length of recovery. I would like to have a mini lift since I don't have... READ MORE

Arms Too Thick for Arm Lift?

Is it ever possible that there is too much soft tissue for am Arm Lift? There is quite a bit of sagging from an 80lb weight loss, but the PS I met... READ MORE

Why is a Zig-Zag Incision used in a Minimal Incision Arm-Lift? (photos)

Dear Doctors...your help and a second opinion would be deeply appreciated!! Apparently I'm the perfect candidate for a Minimal Incision Arm-Lift...but... READ MORE

Can I get an Elbow Lift? (Photo)

I am a 60 year old So Cal Female whose days in the sun have finally caught up to me. I had Brachioplasty and Medial Thigh Lift on 5/11/2015 and am... READ MORE

Traditional brachioplasty...or lipo? (Photo)

I am 26 years old. I have lost over 80 pounds and have fairly large arms. I am interested in reducing the appearance of them, but unsure as to which... READ MORE

Worth It or Not? Lost Over 150 Pounds and Now Have These Arms? (photo)

Please tell me if it is worth having the arm lift,I am 29.... thank you READ MORE

Axillary arm lift. Is this an option for me? (Photo)

After a 20 kg weight loss, I have a small amount of crepey skin at the upper part of my arms. This is really only visible when my arms are by the side... READ MORE

Would I benefit from an arm lift or should I continue to lose more weight before the procedure? (Photo)

My arms are still very fat, would an arm lift be a good decision or should I combine it with lipo? READ MORE

What can I expect Brachioplasty: not much excess skin, mostly just flabby FAT, so can I just do Liposuction? (photos)

I'm not at my ideal weight but quite honestly I'm tired of trying to lose weight. My new goal is to continue to eat healthy and keep moving. I've... READ MORE

I am 38 yrs old. I'm 5'3" and 195 lbs. Would I be a candidate for an arm lift and a tummy tuck?

I have been dieting for 10 months now and I've lost 45 lbs. I am otherwise healthy. No bp or cholesterol issues. I've had 2 children, one delivered... READ MORE

I'm losing weight and would like to have an arm lift, but arms are not really saggy. Can I still get an arm lift? (Photo)

I have always had large arms, to the point that I am unable to wear certain tops. I am losing weight, so far am down 68 pounds. I really would like to... READ MORE

Do i really need a big arm lift? Could I benefit from liposuction or a small arm lift? (Photo)

Of course i would prefere lipo or small armlift to minimize scaring. But is it an option or do i really need a big arm lidt to get rid of my big upper... READ MORE

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