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Why This Ugly Scar After 9 Months After a Brachioplasty, Can This Be Less Visible? (photo)

I use to be 250lbs lost a total of 100lbs in past 10yrs by exercising & dieting. I didn’t like to wear short sleeves dress because of my... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Implants and an Arm Lift During the Same Surgery and How Long is the Recovery Time for Both Procedures at Once?

I underwent gastric bypass surgery in 11/2010. I am in need of plastic surgery to fix my sagging skin that is left on my body. I just had a tummy tuck... READ MORE

Can I Get a Mini Arm Lift? (photo)

I am 25 years old and have lost about 100 lbs after getting lap band surgery. I really want to get my arms done, but I don't want a visible scar!!... READ MORE

Vaser Lipo of Arms and Mini Brachioplasty? (photo)

Hi doctors, i lost around 80 pounds and i have really sagging arms so i consult a doctor in my country and he recommended for me vaser liposuction and... READ MORE

After Massive Weight Loss My Arms Need Help, am I an Arm Lift Candidate? (photo)

Hi, my skin was damaged after gaining and loosing about 140lb 10 years. I have stretch marks down my upper arms and the skin is loose, causing it to... READ MORE

Could I Have a Mini Arm Lift? (photo)

After losing 95 pounds my arms are a bit saggy at the top and have stretch marks. I have been trying to tone them at the gym and I have slightly but... READ MORE

18 Years Old with Sagging Arms. Vasor Liposelection, Arm Lift or Venus Concept? (photo)

Im 18 years old and have lost about 100 ibs. Im 4'11 & weigh 130 ibs now.I have strech marks that have gone white all over my body.Will vasor lipo... READ MORE

What Are my Options with Excess Skin on my Arms, Arm Pit Area and Side Breast Area? (photo)

I recently lost 60 pounds and now i have excess everywhere I am going to having several procedures such as TT. I am also schedule for an arm lift, but... READ MORE

My Arms Sag After Weight Loss?

I went through a purification in 2006. Since then when I hold my arms down I have sagging lines. I would like to tighten that up and also the skin... READ MORE

Heavy Arms? (photo)

I am 5'6 215 pounds. I increased my activity to lose weight (jogging) and changed my diet. I have lost 20 pounds. My arms are large and not... READ MORE

Have Lost over 250 Lbs Are There Pics of Liposuction for Upper Arm Fat Removal?

I have a lot of EXCESS skin hanging south and would like to see some pictures here to see what it actually looks like on the befor and after I am 60... READ MORE

Worth It or Not? Lost Over 150 Pounds and Now Have These Arms? (photo)

Please tell me if it is worth having the arm lift,I am 29.... thank you READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to get rid of the saggy skin under my arms? (Photo)

I'm 18 years old and when I lost 50 pounds my arms started sagging and I really awful now. I am trying a lot of arm exercises to try and tone the... READ MORE

Axillary arm lift. Is this an option for me? (Photo)

After a 20 kg weight loss, I have a small amount of crepey skin at the upper part of my arms. This is really only visible when my arms are by the side... READ MORE

Don't want scar from traditional arm lift. Would lipo and mini arm lift improve appearance? (Photo)

I've always had large arms but after 80 lb. weight loss, arms remain large with 12" circumference in both upper arm and just above elbow. I know I... READ MORE

How much would it cost for a breast lift and brachioplasty?

Hi I have lost quite an amount of weight; and my breasts have sagged. I am wondering how much it is to have it re-lifted. And I'm not entirely sure... READ MORE

Armlift, short or long scar? (Photo)

Im 32, lost almost 100lbs over 2 years through diet and excercise. I have a small amount of loose skin/cellulite on the front or my upper arms near my... READ MORE

Weight loss! Should I consider an arm lift? (Photo)

Hello! I am 23 years old and over the past two years, I have lost about 45 pounds. I have found that the skin on my arms have been sagging to the... READ MORE

Which one is first? Which ones can be done together? Arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift

Dears, I have done wight loss surgery before 7 years and I lost a lot of wight and I need to make a lift in many places in my body (Arm lift, thigh... READ MORE

Should I get an arm lift, thigh lift, or both? (Photo)

I am debating if I want to get an arm lift or a thigh lift, or possibly combine the two. I worked with a great surgeon last month for a tummy tuck and... READ MORE

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