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Aquamid in Cheeks 2 Years Ago - Overfilled: How Can it be Removed?

I had aquamid injected two years ago in the inside of my cheeks unfortunately i had too much injected especially in one of my cheeks.I would like some... READ MORE

What Filler Can I Use After Recently Using Aquamid?

There was no difference at all after the first treatment so a month later I had another full treatment and again I cannot see much difference. I am... READ MORE

Can I have another filler or RF skin firming like Sublime (etwo) after having had Aquamid injections?

I would like to have more filler be placed in the same areas where I had aquamed injections place eight years ago also interested in radio frequency... READ MORE

A few months ago, I had Aquamid treatment to lower lip and chin. I have developed lumps on lower lip. How can this be treated?

Yesterday, I saw my surgeon who- under local anaesthetic- opened the lumps and squeezed them out. But this morning, I woke up and realised the lumps... READ MORE

Aquamid removal with laser. Is this a good idea, or a bad idea?

I have problems with Aquamid in the nasolabial folds and it needs to be removed (inflammation only, no granulomas). Antibiotics did not work and... READ MORE

Aquamid problems - can PRP provide a solution?

Hi All, I had aquamid injected into my lips about 6-7 years ago. i have had to have some product surgically removed but some of the product is still... READ MORE

What is the best filler to use after Aquamid? (Photo)

I had Aquamid about 11 years ago. No ill effects but now need to use a filler again as the effects have worn off in some areas (corners of mouth).... READ MORE

Is permanent bruising possible after injecting Aquamid? What can be done to fix it?

I'm 28 and a year ago I've had a facial filler injected (Aquamid) to add the volume to my cheekbone area. After a procedure a severe bruising occurred... READ MORE

Aquamid removal in NYC? (Photo)

I want to remove lumps and parts of Aquamid that has been overinjected in my upper lip seven years ago and is projecting too much in the side profiles... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove Aquamid? If not, how long does it last?

8 years ago i had my lips plumped with a filler that i was told is temporary, a year ago i notices lumps starting to form on the inside of my lower... READ MORE

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