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How Can I Remove Aquamid from my Lips?

I had aquamid injected on my lips years ago. After having lumps and swelling developed a few months ago i did a surgery to remove it My doctor will... READ MORE

What Filler Can I Use After Recently Using Aquamid?

There was no difference at all after the first treatment so a month later I had another full treatment and again I cannot see much difference. I am... READ MORE

Removal of Acquamid in Melbourne, Victoria?

Hi i need some help, im desperate to get rid of acqamid in my lips, after 10 years on my right hand side of my lip it is swollen and it hurts and... READ MORE

Would love to remove permanent fillers from my face and lips. Any suggestions?

I have had permanent fillers (Aquamid) injected in my lips and cheeks in 2003. I was told by the doctor who injected the fillers that it would... READ MORE

Is the Filler Aquamid Bad for Your Lips?

Is it true that there can be complications after it is injected? Like lumps? And how much would be required.. is 1 ml enough? My lips arent big but... READ MORE

Looking for a U.S. Doctor with experience in aquamid complication treatment and/or removal

Hi, I have had aquamid injected into my lips over ten years ago with positive effect until recently when a small bump appeared over a year ago. I feel... READ MORE

5 year old Aquamid in Lips, can it be removed?

What's the best and safest way to remove all of my Aquamid from the lips? READ MORE

Is it safe to use a semi permanent filler after Aquamid?

I have had 1ml of aquamid injected into my lips 2 years ago now. For the first year I noticed a bit of a difference but now my lips look like the... READ MORE

What Filler Can I Use After 6 Month Remove the Polyacrylamid? Is It Possible to Inject Hyaluronic Acid?

I have injected my both lips since 6 years ago and now I don't have big problem with them but they became very red inside and I am engaged now my... READ MORE

Treatments available for removal of Aquamid after 15 years?

I had 2mls of Aquamid injected 15 years ago into my lips in Australia. I could always feel a few lumps, but as I have gotten older the lumps have... READ MORE

aquamid and swelling

Does aquamid cause more swelling in the lip area than juvaderm especially if i am only having half a mil? also being on an antibiotic will this stop... READ MORE

Lovely lips with Aquamid but top lip has a nasty upturn, especially noticeable on side view

I have had Aquamid injected a few times over the past few years, as I wanted a gradual increase in volume. I wanted a permanent filler I am not sure... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Soften or Dissolve Bumps in the Lips from Aquamid? (photo)

Hello, first of all sorry for my english it is not my native language. I got injected aquamid contura in my lips 4 months ago and I have bumps and... READ MORE

Aquamid in Lips, Nasolabial Folds and Forehead - Advice for Long-Term Fillers?

Hi, I Have Had Aquamid Put into my Lips and Nasio Labial Folds and forehead, about 4 years ago. Have never had a problem, no side effects at all. Now... READ MORE

Aquamid is responsible for my inflection?

I had aquamid before 6 years in nasolabian folds and i have one month ago fat transfer to my face, lips, nasolabian folds, cheeks everything is ok but... READ MORE

US doctors who specialise in the removal of Aquamid - Recommendations

Can you please recommend surgeons in the USA who specialise in the removal of Aquamid? Are there any doctors who are considered the best of the best?... READ MORE

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