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What Can Be Done for Aquamid Side Effects?

I have a problem with the permanent filler Aquamid. Several times they removed granulomas and I'm afraid that they again have to do this. But the side... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Aquamid from my Lips?

I had aquamid injected on my lips years ago. After having lumps and swelling developed a few months ago i did a surgery to remove it My doctor will... READ MORE

Aquamid in Cheeks 2 Years Ago - Overfilled: How Can it be Removed?

I had aquamid injected two years ago in the inside of my cheeks unfortunately i had too much injected especially in one of my cheeks.I would like some... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Aquamid from My Face?

I did needle incision twice,i injected kenacort 3times and no result,i still feel the lupms and i dnt see any change in volume in my face,however i... READ MORE

Aquamid Removal from Cheeks

I Had Too Much Aquamid Injected in my Cheeks.Can You Please Tell Me How to Remove Some.I Cannot Find Any Answers on the Internet READ MORE

What Filler Can I Use After Recently Using Aquamid?

There was no difference at all after the first treatment so a month later I had another full treatment and again I cannot see much difference. I am... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Aquamid removal and problem?

Hello I had aquamid injected on the wrinkles on my upper lips and in the nasogeniens wrinkle in 2008 . I leave in France but able to trave. I start to... READ MORE

What Is The Risk Of Swallowing Aquamide?

I did needle aspiration myself to remove aquamide from my lips.So first I put saline solution and than I squeeze it out very easly,it vas like kind of... READ MORE

Does Aquamid Bind to The Skin Naturally, As Opposed to Coming off As Filler in Juvederm?

What is the main difference between continuous fillers. Which ones are needed every 2 years, and other effective for 10 years? READ MORE

Removal of Acquamid in Melbourne, Victoria?

Hi i need some help, im desperate to get rid of acqamid in my lips, after 10 years on my right hand side of my lip it is swollen and it hurts and... READ MORE

Would love to remove permanent fillers from my face and lips. Any suggestions?

I have had permanent fillers (Aquamid) injected in my lips and cheeks in 2003. I was told by the doctor who injected the fillers that it would... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Soften or Dissolve Bumps in the Lips from Aquamid? (photo)

Hello, first of all sorry for my english it is not my native language. I got injected aquamid contura in my lips 4 months ago and I have bumps and... READ MORE

Is There Any Hope to Get my Old Lips Back After Polyacrylamide Injections?

8 years ago i had polyacrylamide injected to my face and lips, and it is a nightmare! i need to get it out of my lips, so what are the risks? will it... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Remove Aquamid Under my Eyes Injected 8 Years Ago? (photo)

I had aquamid injected under my eyes 8 years ago, it formed in to a lump after 6 years. instead of having it remove, I had a temporary filler injected... READ MORE

Aquamid in Lips, Nasolabial Folds and Forehead - Advice for Long-Term Fillers?

Hi, I Have Had Aquamid Put into my Lips and Nasio Labial Folds and forehead, about 4 years ago. Have never had a problem, no side effects at all. Now... READ MORE

Stiff Upper Lip After Aquamid Removal Surgery

I had a surgery to remove aquamid from my upper lid a month ago. The surgeon cut the mucosal in 2/3 length of the upper lid and succeed to remove the... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Aquamid in my Nose After 4 Months Injected? (photo)

Hi doctor, I had 1cc aquamid injected in my nose 4 months ago but now it's make my nose wider and bigger but my doctor said its too late to take it... READ MORE

Is There an Injectable That Would Remove Aquamid From My Face From 5 Years Ago?

Hi, There is an injectable product that remove fat on the face, my question is: would this injectable product remove the aquamid on my face that I... READ MORE

How Can I Fix Hard and Thick Tissue After Aquamid Removed in my Chin? (photo)

I had 2cc aquamid filler at my chin in 5th of May but one week later I went back to my doctor to scraped everything out now I don't feel any material... READ MORE

Aquamid Injected in Lips - Delayed Effects?

I have had 1cc of Aquamid injected in my upper lip 2 years ago. Procedure went well, but I've remembered it for its painfulness. I had to be injected... READ MORE

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