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What Can Be Done for Aquamid Side Effects?

I have a problem with the permanent filler Aquamid. Several times they removed granulomas and I'm afraid that they again have to do this. But the side... READ MORE

What Happens to Aquamid After 10+ Years?

I had Aquamid injected into my lips in 2006 and I have had no complications whatsoever. I understand that this is a permanent filler designed to last... READ MORE

What is the Cost of Aquamid Injections?

Do more permanent fillers cost more than temporary fillers? READ MORE

Aquamid Vs Bio Alcamid for Buttocks Filler

I am considering Aquamid or Bio Alcamid for permanent buttocks filler. Do you think this is a safe option and if so, which of the above is the best... READ MORE

Is the Aquamid and Restylane Combination Safe?

I have used Aquamid (permanent filler) in my upper lip (7 years ago). Now I want to have Restylane injected because Aquamid is not used anymore in the... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Aquamid from my Lips?

I had aquamid injected on my lips years ago. After having lumps and swelling developed a few months ago i did a surgery to remove it My doctor will... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist for Aquamid Removal?

I have received several cc's of Aquamid to correct severe acne scarringo ver the last five years. The material is amazing and permanent, but there... READ MORE

Which Filler is "Safest" to Combine with Aquamid?

I know this is a tricky question but as I already have aquamid in my cheeks injected 2 yrs ago and do not want more aquamid now, which filler is... READ MORE

When Will Aquamid Be Approved in the USA?

When Will Aquamid Be Approved in the USA? READ MORE

Aquamid Vs. Botox for Crow's Feet?

I was interested in Aquamid for crow's feet rather than Botox. Would this be a good option? READ MORE

How Much Aquamid to Augment the Buttocks?

I'm 22 and looking to have aquamid injected in my buttocks by a doctor in London who is the only dr that performs this in Europe. I'm actually really... READ MORE

California Aquamid Doctor Recommendations

Is there a doctor who injects this filler in California? READ MORE

How is Aquamid Different from Artefill?

Will Aquamid provide the same results as Artefill? READ MORE

Will Aquamid or Bio-alcamid Injections Get Rid of Acne Scars?

I've heard that collagen, hyaluronic acid injections are temporary solution for acne scars. So do you suggest Aquamid or  Bio-alcamid injections... READ MORE

Aquamid in Cheeks 2 Years Ago - Overfilled: How Can it be Removed?

I had aquamid injected two years ago in the inside of my cheeks unfortunately i had too much injected especially in one of my cheeks.I would like some... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Aquamid from My Face?

I did needle incision twice,i injected kenacort 3times and no result,i still feel the lupms and i dnt see any change in volume in my face,however i... READ MORE

Treatment of Swelling Following Polyacrylamide Fillers

On Dec. 2008 i had polyacrylamide injected again to both sides of my face. Following dental transplntation i started on Nov. 2009 to experience... READ MORE

Aquamid - Safe for Nasolabial Folds?

Just wanted to know if aquamid is safe for n/l folds many syringes on average would be needed , i know it depends on individual and how... READ MORE

Inject Aquamid to Make High Nose Bridge?

Can I use or Inject Aquamid to make my nose bridge nose bridge high? I haven't done it before. If so, what will be the effects and how much will it cost? READ MORE

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