Question: How much downtime is there with Fractional Repair?


Answer:  This depends on your healing time, wound care after the procedure and any complications after the procedure and, most importantly, how high an intensity of laser is used by the physician when operating the laser.  The higher the intensity, the more the improvement, but the more the downtime after the laser. 

The real answer is that downtime is probably much higher than most laser companies estimate if this procedure is done correctly and at a high enough intensity to produce significant results.  I always tell my patients that there is no such thing as a free lunch in laser surgery for wrinkles...yet.  That doesn't mean that there aren't procedures, such as botox, fillers and non-invasive lasers that can be done and let you go back to work immediately, but with invasive lasers such as the Fraxel Re:pair and other lasers like this, results are better with higher intensity and that means more downtime.

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Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon