Is Smart Lipo better than tumescent liposuction?


In reality, Smart Lipo is just an addition to liposuction rather than a method of liposuction.  Tumescent refers to the method of anesthetizing the area, which is by adding lots of fluid that has anesthetic in it to the area first.  Then the fluid and fat are suctioned out of the area.  The anesthetic has epinephrine in it and this makes the blood vessels much narrower, reducing bruising and bleeding immensely.

Once this anesthetic has been added, the Smart Lipo (or other laser type) is done in the area and melts some of the fat.  Then, the fat is suctioned out, leaving the area flatter.  I find that the Smart Lipo accounts for about an extra 100 to 400 milliliters of fat being suctioned on a typical abdomen or hips/things.  Without the Smart Lipo, the results would have been good, but with it they are better.

As for claims that Smart Lipo results in less bruising or bleeding, the fact is that this is due to the tumescent preparation, not the Smart Lipo.  I do think that the Smart Lipo results in a little more retraction due to the extra fat that is suctioned.

Don't be fooled by physicians who say they can do better liposuction just because they own a laser or Smart Lipo.  That simply isn't true as it all comes down to experience, skill and technique.  Ask them for pictures of their own patients (not some company brochure) and ask if they have any staff who have had the procedure performed on them.  Usually, staff are a very good approximation of the level of skill they will give to you if and when they do your procedure.

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Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon