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Alloderm Complications

What complications do you see most often from using Alloderm for breast reconstruction? READ MORE

Alloderm for Breast Reconstruction?

This is being tauted widely as the best breast reconstruction procedure out there for women to get through this terrifying and tramatic experience.... READ MORE

Alloderm or Strattrice - Which is Better for Breast Reconstruction?

What determines if a surgeon uses Alloderm or Strattice for breast reconstruction? Alloderm was used in my reconstruction and I had persistant... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Alloderm to Completely Integrate into the Body?

I had a third breast revision surgery for capsular contracture and implant buckling (my prior surgeon put an implant 1 cm wider than my breast tissue)... READ MORE

What's Your Position on AlloDerm? Conservative Patient Has Severe Scarring in Implant

I have severe scaring from breast implant and need to have another procedure to remove scar and re insert implant. Doctor suggest to put in AlloDerm... READ MORE

Mastectomy or Lumpectomy and Breast Implants for ADH?

I have ADH and thinking of getting a Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (NSM), but my doctor wants to do a Lattisimus Dorsi Flap (LDF) with tissue... READ MORE

Prophylactic Mastectomy 3 Months Ago - Why Do I Continue to Drain? Can It Be an Alloderm Reaction?

I am a 30 year old woman. In Sept. I had a prophylactic mastectomy with tissue expanders and alloderm. 8 weeks post op the bottom of my rt breast... READ MORE

Alloderm for Symmastia?

What is the success rate of using Alloderm to correct Symmastia? READ MORE

Advantages & Disadvantages to Alloderm Put in During Implant Exchange?

I currently have tissue expanders. My surgeon will use alloderm to make a hammock during implant exchange. What are advantages & disadvantages of... READ MORE

Alloderm for Scar Tissue

Planning to use alloderm for scar tissue here is question, if I use 375size implant what could be an alloderm size? how long it could be? is it matter... READ MORE

How long does AlloDerm last and is there a product that will smooth out the ripples in my breast after reconstruction?

I had breast reconstruction back in April of 2014 and I am getting very bad rippling between my breasts. I am 5'4 and weigh 116 lbs. I am looking for... READ MORE

To use or not use alloderm in breast revision?

After having cancer with a bilateral mastectomy 17 years ago I have a ruptured implant. After seeing two plastic surgeons I am torn about my options.... READ MORE

How long does AlloDerm live in the body?

I had alloderm put in to line my breast after a mastectomy. Just wanted to know how long it lives in my body before it dies if it does indeed die at... READ MORE

Why is Alloderm bulging out of the side and causing me pain? (photo)

I had revision back in feb and this just now started causing me pain. READ MORE

Alloderm Being a Possible Breast Implant Substitute?

I just need to know, CAN it possibly help to substitute implants, like when used in conjunction with things like "Autologous fat transfer"? READ MORE

Will alloderm add any size in my breasts and can it be used to "manipulate" the breast to look bigger/equal to the other?

I have had 4 surgeries on my left breast in a very short period of time so am now forced to downsize my implant from 400-350 because of my weak... READ MORE

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