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What is Alloderm?

Is it true that some surgeons used Alloderm during a Mastectomy? What it is and how it helps the Mastectomy recovery? READ MORE

Is Alloderm a Good Choice for Lip Enhancement?

I'm looking for a product that is longer-lasting than hyluronic fillers and I'd be content to get even a few years out of Alloderm! Does it... READ MORE

What is the Actual Cost of Alloderm Vs. Strattice?

 Is One Better Than the Other to Correct Rippling? READ MORE

Alloderm for Breast Reconstruction?

This is being tauted widely as the best breast reconstruction procedure out there for women to get through this terrifying and tramatic experience.... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Alloderm to Completely Integrate into the Body?

I had a third breast revision surgery for capsular contracture and implant buckling (my prior surgeon put an implant 1 cm wider than my breast tissue)... READ MORE

Is the Cost of Alloderm Passed on to the Patient?

When Alloderm is used in a reconstruction or breast augmentation procedure, is the cost passed on to the patient? How much additional cost can be... READ MORE

How long does Alloderm lip augmentation last?

What is the best long-term solution for bigger lips? What are the pros and cons of using Alloderm? READ MORE

What's Your Position on AlloDerm? Conservative Patient Has Severe Scarring in Implant

I have severe scaring from breast implant and need to have another procedure to remove scar and re insert implant. Doctor suggest to put in AlloDerm... READ MORE

Is Alloderm Not Sterile?

I'm about to have surgery, where my doctor is going to use Alloderm. After reading that Alloderm is not sterile, how concerned should I be? READ MORE

Can Alloderm Be Used in the Face?

I understand it is a piece of tissue, like collagen. could it possibly be used in the chin to bring it out a bit or under the eyes for undereye hollows? READ MORE

Mesh Vs. Alloderm to Repair Umbilical Hernia?

I am in shape and thin, Im concerned that I would be able to feel this mesh or worse have complications from it! Would alloderm be a better... READ MORE

Mastectomy or Lumpectomy and Breast Implants for ADH?

I have ADH and thinking of getting a Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (NSM), but my doctor wants to do a Lattisimus Dorsi Flap (LDF) with tissue... READ MORE

How Much Does the Alloderm Grafts Cost for Reconstruction?

I was charged $41,580. I'm still in shock. The bill reads "Alloderm Graft 16X, Qty 1". READ MORE

Alloderm for Symmastia?

What is the success rate of using Alloderm to correct Symmastia? READ MORE

Advantages & Disadvantages to Alloderm Put in During Implant Exchange?

I currently have tissue expanders. My surgeon will use alloderm to make a hammock during implant exchange. What are advantages & disadvantages of... READ MORE

Where Does Donor Tissue Come From for Plastic Surgery?

After coming across an article on MMA fighters getting tissue implants from donors, I'm curious to know where the cadavers come from? Are they... READ MORE

Philadelphia Alloderm Breast Reconstruction Doctor Recommendations

Does anyone know any experienced doctors performing the One Step Breast Implant with Alloderm for breast cancer patients advised to have a mastectomy... READ MORE

Is Using Alloderm Safe for Gum Restoration?

What are the pros and cons of using Alloderm for gum restoration? How safe is it? I read two reviews that claimed it had a terrible smell. READ MORE

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