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Recurring Seroma After Hernia Repair with Alloderm

I had 2 large RLQ/inguinal hernias repaired with Alloderm 4 weeks ago. Large seroma (200-300 cc) was drained a week ago. I had some relief, but now, a... READ MORE

Alloderm Complications

What complications do you see most often from using Alloderm for breast reconstruction? READ MORE

Is There a Risk of Alloderm Causing Infection?

Does the product being made from donor tissue increase the risk of infection after surgery? READ MORE

Alloderm or Strattrice - Which is Better for Breast Reconstruction?

What determines if a surgeon uses Alloderm or Strattice for breast reconstruction? Alloderm was used in my reconstruction and I had persistant... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Alloderm to Completely Integrate into the Body?

I had a third breast revision surgery for capsular contracture and implant buckling (my prior surgeon put an implant 1 cm wider than my breast tissue)... READ MORE

Prophylactic Mastectomy 3 Months Ago - Why Do I Continue to Drain? Can It Be an Alloderm Reaction?

I am a 30 year old woman. In Sept. I had a prophylactic mastectomy with tissue expanders and alloderm. 8 weeks post op the bottom of my rt breast... READ MORE

Tissue Expander Capacity?

I just recently had my tissue expansions replaced due to leakage. I have 133 mx 14. Can someone please tell me what the fill capacity is and what the... READ MORE

Why is the Alloderm in my Breast Calcifying?

2 years ago I had an alloderm implant to fill a cavity. It's calcifying more each year - now a hard lump. Life Cycle says it becomes natural... READ MORE

How long does AlloDerm live in the body?

I had alloderm put in to line my breast after a mastectomy. Just wanted to know how long it lives in my body before it dies if it does indeed die at... READ MORE

Does the body dissolve Alloderm?

When I had my expanders were replaced with implants, my PS said there is no sign of alloderm left. I know they were put in when the expanders were put... READ MORE

Does AlloDerm dissolve?

My incision would not stay closed on one side so ps took out implant and I waited 6 miserable months and he replaced. 10 days out the incision opened... READ MORE

Breasts Augmented, then Fixed, Still Unhappy?

I had alloderm to correct bottoming out and an areola that puckered. Now there is an indented halfcircle scar around my left areola and both nipples... READ MORE

Alloderm to correct depression left from parotidectomy. Will revascularization occur so lump will be more integrated in area?

I have had Alloderm sewn into a depression left from a superficial parotidectomy which resulted in about 80% removal of the gland resulting in a large... READ MORE

My doctor took collagen from my TT revision and inserted it into my lips for volume, is this also called alloderm? (photos)

My doctor took collagen material from my TT revision and inserted it into my lips for volume (is this also called alloderm?) Wondering if anyone has... READ MORE

Why do my breasts itch after reconstruction? Can I put something on it to alleviate the itching?

I had Alloderm used along with Allergan 410 implants last week. The cleavage area had little scabs that are now going away I am guessing from the... READ MORE

Radiation after alloderm?

I recently had bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction with alloderm and silicone implants. Now I will be starting radiation. Will the radiation... READ MORE

Can I have a filler in my lips?

I had alloderm in my lips about 10 years ago. There still is some there, but has diminished quite a bit. I would like to have a filler now to plumb... READ MORE

After prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, my reconstruction with Alloderm and silicone implants too big!

Goals with PS were lower risk of strong Bilateral Breast cancer in mother and sister, second goal to be smaller in size, third save skin and nipple.... READ MORE

Is an exposed Alloderm graft recommended for palatal repair? (Photo)

I recently had upper and lower jaw surgery and my palate accidentally tore during the surgery. It was grafted partially with my own tissue and... READ MORE

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