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Age spots are patches of hyperpigmented skin. They can be treated in a number of different ways: laser resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and more. LEARN MORE ›

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56 Years Young Mom of 1 - West Orange, NJ

I have been trying everything topical for a few years to get rid of a few brownish patches, one in particular ive had for years, and nothing really did the job i wanted. I had just had a Botox touchup, and Dr Joseph suggested a cream he has to help. That was 4 days ago, and i cant believe how... READ MORE

Stopped After One Application

I can't believe what this cream did to my skin. Every place I dotted it on my skin is now very red. Never again. There is no way I'll continue this product. I can't think of anything else to write. I have to come up with 75 more characters. How many ways can I say this ruined my skin & I... READ MORE

Age Spots and Wrinkles Be Gone! - Toronto, ON

I had the mixto procedure done to tighten my skin and get rid of age spots all over my face and neck area. While there was a few days that I stayed inside, I would definitely recommend it! It tightened my skin and made it look and feel so soft and supple. It definitely got rid of my age spots... READ MORE

Darks Spots and Age Spots on My Face. San Francisco, CA

In my mid-fifties and having loved the outdoors and beach all my life, my face is a hot mess full of brown spots and age spots. My physician recommended the Obaji Nu-Derm System. After about 5 weeks into my treatment I am completely dumbfounded that this product changed the look of my skin. ... READ MORE

Trying to Rid Myself of This Stubborn Cheek Sunspot - Overland Park, KS

I finally resorted to asking my dermatologist what to do about this stubborn relatively large cheek sunspot. I have had Yag laser 3-4 times on it (this initially helped lighten it but then it came back after some time) and also used hydroquinone. My dermatologist thought we could try freezing... READ MORE

Age Spot /Solar Spot/ Lentigo on Face Treated with Cryotherapy - Chelsea, MI

I've always disliked this discoloration on my cheek area of my face. At a recent dermatologist visit for an annual body check he told me he could remove it. So my initial photo is in the office, the four photos following were takenright after the cryotherapy was done. It stung but wasn't... READ MORE

My Favorite Place to Look Good - Woodbury, MN

I've been frequenting Dr. Rocheford's clinic for years! I always am thrilled with the results and will continue coming for years on. Great ladies !!! I will never go anyplace else as the staff and procedures are the best! I've had a lot of sun damage aka age spots on hands and legs so Angela... READ MORE

Using Liquid Nitrogen to Get Rid of Brown Spots/Sun Damage - Anaheim, CA

I have brown spots on my forearms, lower legs and shoulders. I have been considering laser to get rid of them but the Dermatologist suggesting spot treating with liquid nitrogen first. Then we can see what is left and use a laser if desired. We used a conservative approach because if you go... READ MORE

Are Those Age Spots or Freckles?

I always thought they were beauty marks until somebody said they were age spots. I guess it's all a matter or perspective. Nonetheless once the filter was pulled they were no longer pretty freckles, but ugly age spots. Now I need to find a solution to fix what I didn't even think was broken..... READ MORE

Wanted to Remove Age Spots/brown Spots. Got Burned Instead - Michigan

I had a fotofacial 5 weeks ago. This was my 5th session (which alternated with microdermbrasion). The purpose of the foto facial was to remove age spots/brown spots on my cheeks/nose. The procedure resulted in a burn spot on my cheek. It is size of a tip of pencil eraser. First, it was... READ MORE

My Age Spots on my Arms and Hands Are Finally Gone.

I had my age spots removed in the hands and arms with a laser called the trivantage which only took twenty minutes to have done. The nurse put a numbing cream on my hands and arms and I waited an hour before I had the laser done. Within days the spots turned brown and then flaked off.  All... READ MORE

Picoway Laser is Amazing!

I have dark age spots on the sides of my face, on my cheeks, I also have them on my forehead. This laser virtually erased the appearance of my age spots and also refined my pores and made my skin look fresh and youthful. My skin looks notably rejuvenated and really just better in every way since... READ MORE

Age Spots, Facial Veins and Redness - Royal Oak, MI

Age spots on my hands were embarrassing. Now they are all gone!! Tiny numerous veins on my nose and redness on my cheeks and nose are gone, as well. I look so much better. They develop over a long time and you get used to seeing them. Now that they are gone, I now realize how bad they had... READ MORE

Age Spots - Chicago, IL

After turning 70 this year, I thought about the opportunity to improve my appearance. After a consultation with Dr. Gutowski and his assistant Leslie, I immediately felt comfortable with the product recommended to help erase or lessen age spots. Treatment is on going. No push for any surgery... READ MORE

Age Spots Removal - La Jolla, CA

I had great results after one treatment, but I will go again for a second treatment to remove the age spots completely. I recommend the Pico laser pigment removal, it's not that painful as I had my face completely numb, the numbing cream takes 45mins to take full effect. I had large age spots... READ MORE

46 Years Old Ands Too Young for Age Spots! - Penrith, AU

What a delightful team at Cosmetic Culture Penrith. Dr Tim was kind, gentle and compassionate. He is very experienced and listened to my concerns. I felt no embarrassment, and was treated with respect, now I'm looking forward to being age spot free and beautiful again. Kathryn in the Blue Mountains! READ MORE

Anti Aging Oil

Heard about this oil from a friend and decided to try it and fell in love! I initially used it around my eyes and I could completely tell a difference in the morning. My dark circles seemed lighter and my eye looked brighter. I recently started mixing it with my face cream and using it on my... READ MORE

Unsightly Age Spot Removed from Lip! - Pittsburgh, PA

I had an age spot/lesion on my lip for the past 4-5 years that gets darker in the summertime due to sun exposure. It became a concern when my dermatologist indicated we would have to "keep an eye" on it as far as changing size, color, etc. so I decided to go to Dr. Fernau to have it removed. ... READ MORE

45 Years with No Sunscreen = Age Spots - Fort Smith, AR

I visited Dr. Passmore about age spots on my face. She assured me we could diminish the spots. I started on Therapon skin care, Retinol, Lytera(skin brightening complex) and Elta Md tinted moisturizing sunscreen. I also had 3 laser treatments. Painless and really great results! The key is to use... READ MORE

Hand Sun Spots Removal - La Jolla, CA

Dr. Zaleski-Larsen promptly connected with me via phone to better understand my sun spot concerns. After listening patiently, she provided clear and precise recommendations, and had me scheduled for an in-person treatment with her within the same week. She talked me through the procedure (a much... READ MORE

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