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Age spots are patches of hyperpigmented skin. They can be treated in a number of different ways: laser resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and more. LEARN MORE ›

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In my mid-fifties and having loved the outdoors and beach all my life, my face is a hot mess full of brown spots and age spots. My physician recommended the Obaji Nu-Derm System. After about 5 weeks into my treatment I am completely dumbfounded that this product changed the look of my skin. ... READ MORE

I finally resorted to asking my dermatologist what to do about this stubborn relatively large cheek sunspot. I have had Yag laser 3-4 times on it (this initially helped lighten it but then it came back after some time) and also used hydroquinone. My dermatologist thought we could try freezing... READ MORE

I've always disliked this discoloration on my cheek area of my face. At a recent dermatologist visit for an annual body check he told me he could remove it. So my initial photo is in the office, the four photos following were takenright after the cryotherapy was done. It stung but wasn't... READ MORE

I've been frequenting Dr. Rocheford's clinic for years! I always am thrilled with the results and will continue coming for years on. Great ladies !!! I will never go anyplace else as the staff and procedures are the best! I've had a lot of sun damage aka age spots on hands and legs so Angela... READ MORE

I have brown spots on my forearms, lower legs and shoulders. I have been considering laser to get rid of them but the Dermatologist suggesting spot treating with liquid nitrogen first. Then we can see what is left and use a laser if desired. We used a conservative approach because if you go... READ MORE

I always thought they were beauty marks until somebody said they were age spots. I guess it's all a matter or perspective. Nonetheless once the filter was pulled they were no longer pretty freckles, but ugly age spots. Now I need to find a solution to fix what I didn't even think was broken..... READ MORE

I had a fotofacial 5 weeks ago. This was my 5th session (which alternated with microdermbrasion). The purpose of the foto facial was to remove age spots/brown spots on my cheeks/nose. The procedure resulted in a burn spot on my cheek. It is size of a tip of pencil eraser. First, it was... READ MORE

Dr. Zaleski-Larsen promptly connected with me via phone to better understand my sun spot concerns. After listening patiently, she provided clear and precise recommendations, and had me scheduled for an in-person treatment with her within the same week. She talked me through the procedure (a much... READ MORE

Had a few procedures done and couldn't be happier with the results. The staff was very helpful with everything and helped me before and after both procedures. I would recommend to any/everyone. Most of all the doctor was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I am very happy and... READ MORE

Having been in the medical field for the past 15 years myself,I was hesitant to get injections on my own face!! Even thought it is always easier to give shots to patients rather than getting them ,the whole procedure went very smooth with minimal discomfort sitting in the patient's chair this... READ MORE

I had large brown spots on my forehead and they have been bothering for years I knew I could trust dr v for his advise on removing them I now feel good about myself thanks to the professional views of a trustworthy doctor.the office is very professional and gives choices. There is no pressure... READ MORE

In still in my mid 40s and would like to look younger. I heard from numerous friends their experience with Dr. Metilitza and was happy with their result. Laser treatments should be performed by an experienced dermatologist and not at a Medi-spa. Eating healthy and using sunscreen helps diminish... READ MORE

Dr. Orloff was super nice and professional. I was concerned about my age spots on my face and hands. He performed a peel on my face and laser treatment on my hands. The age spots disappeared with one treatment. That took years off my appearance. Dr. Orloff explained everything to me in... READ MORE

I have been regularly treated for skin pre-cancers and cancers since entering middle age. This is something that cannot be neglected because they have the potential to be fatal. Moreover, the spots look awful and show age. A note about the cost. I have no idea what the cost of this treatment is... READ MORE

I started seeing Dr. Greene last year after another cosmetic surgeon had used fat to fill the large "puppet" lines between my nose and mouth. The results were completely altered my smile and I became so self-conscious that I didn't take a good picture for three years. Dr. Greene... READ MORE

Amazing results with broadband light on my sun spots. They are virtually gone after 1 visit. I've schedule another procedure to remove sunspots from my chest and neck area. The whole experience has been truly amazing. No other procedure has ever worked to help me with my sun damage. Definitely... READ MORE

My motivation was to even out my skin tone and rid of dark spots for a more youthful appearance.It was painless. The procedure was done over approx. 4 visits.There was some scabbing but nothing that kept me from my usual routine. It was well worth it and I can't wait to go back for him to do... READ MORE

My physician recommended Dr Parkins for a scalp lesion removal. I met with her for a consultation and decided to proceed with the procedure. The procedure was done as recommended and the results were exactly what I expected. The entire staff was friendly and professional. I would recommend Dr... READ MORE

Great job removing age spots. I had multiple spots over my face, neck, and chest. They were dark and made me look old. I did nor realize how easy it would be to remove these spots. It only took one laser treatment and I am 90% better. My family has all noticed and my friends have also... READ MORE

I had a non cancerous brown age spot removed. I had done every treatment known to man to get rid of it With other doctors. Dr. Avron surgically removed it and left my skin looking amazing! Even after the first day of removing the stitches! He is AMAZING! I would recommend him time and time again... READ MORE

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How much does Age Spots Treatment cost?

The typical cost for Age Spots Treatment ranges from $30-$2,000 with an average cost of $525. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 60 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more