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At What Point Will Hydroquinone Stop Working on Fading Age Spots?

I have been using hydroquinone for the past 8 months and retin a for the past 4 months to fade sunspots on my shoulders and chest. I have seen some... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Sun Spots and Seborrheic Keratosis?

A couple of years ago, I had IPL (Elos) done on my brown spots and Seborrheic Keratosis. There was no improvement. The marks really annoy me and... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Get Rid of Age Spots on Asian or Ethnic Skin?

I am mixed with Chinese and East Indian and I have developed age spots on my cheeks. How can I get rid of them? Many of the solutions I have read... READ MORE

How Can I Prevent Age Spots?

My face has brown spots and dark spots -- I guess there age spots. i would like to stop getting these spots since they can't be easiy concealed READ MORE

Best Solution for Sun Spots and Face Telangiectasias?

I would like to get rid of the brownish spots on my skin (and the telangiectasias and fine lines too, if possible) without it taking too long . I... READ MORE

Recommended Age Spots Treatment?

Hi, I'm 36 with medium skin tone and yellow undertones. I've always had hereditary dark circles and a few freckles on and near my nose but, know I... READ MORE

Is Long Term Use of Alpha Arbutin Safe?

Is is safe for me to use Alpha Arbutin 6% forever? If not, can I use it for 6 months; and then each week, miss out a day of using it? Will i maintain... READ MORE

Does Radiation Therapy Make You More Susceptible to Age Spots?

I had breast cancer 7 yrs ago and had 6 weeks of radiation. Since then I have had a tremedous amount of freckles (age spots) on my arms, hands and... READ MORE

Remove brown spot/sun spot? (photo)

I have a small piece of brown spot under my eye and really want to remove it. I think that is sun damaged spot. it's finger nail size. what should I... READ MORE

What to Do About Sunspot Resistant to Several Treatments?

I've had a sunspot on my cheek (dime-sized) for 10 years (I'm 34). I have very pale skin and have been wearing SPF 60+ sunblock for the last... READ MORE

I Have 2 Pea Sized Sun Spots on my Temple and I Am 26 Yrs Old Asian Female?

What is the best treatment to remove them and estimated costs? I currently use SPF 35 to avoid future damage, but these ones came up in my early 20s,... READ MORE

What can you recommend for stubborn age/sun spots on hands?

Hello. I am a healthy 63 year old woman who has used sunblock every day of the year for decades. However, during childhood, I got suntanned/burned a... READ MORE

I had sun spots and skin tags burnt off at my regular family practice doctor. Am I panicked for no reason? (photo)

I went into the doctor because I was sick and while I was there I asked him to check out some suspicious moles and spots on my neck and my face. Some... READ MORE

What's the most effective way to get rid of facial sun spots? I tried the Max G laser twice, but spots came back (Photo)

I'm 46 yrs old with very stubborn facial sun spots mostly in the cheek area with none on my forehead. In the winter time, my dermatologist used the... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to reduce Sun Spots/Age Spots for a Guyanese - West Indian female?

My mother is 65 years old. She was (and is) a very beautiful woman. But during the past few years she has developed awful age spots/sun spots on her... READ MORE

Best treatment for brown spot, age spot or sun spot (not sure) in brown Indian (asian) skin. (photo)

I have brown Indian skin and trying to find out how to remove these brown spots under one of the eyes (left). I am thinking they are sun spots because... READ MORE

Removal of age spots/sun spots on hands, arms and legs? (Photo)

I am 51 with fair skin blue eyes. Although I haven't tanned for about 15 years, I spent plenty of my youth tanning, including sun beds for a while.... READ MORE

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