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How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Solar Lentigos?

I have a few solar lentigos on my face. I have tried many things and it has only gotten darker. I tried 2 IPLs about 2 years ago. I tried a series of... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Brown Spots on Legs, Arms, and Hands?

I have brown spots on my legs, arms, and a few on my hands. I don't tan anymore in tanning beds, but do like to use the self-tanning lotions. My... READ MORE

What is the Best Effective Treatment to Remove Brown Age Spots on Medium Brown Skin Tone

I am Indian descent - Medium brown complexion, I have age spots on both of my cheeks about 4 inches in measurements on each cheek. I know that people... READ MORE

What's the Most Effective Treatment for Removing Freckles on the Body?

I have patches of freckles and redness on my back, arms, and chest. What treatment works best on these areas? READ MORE

Spot Treatment Advice

I have tried everyting for the brown spots. Medicines, lasers, chemical peels, and they are even darker. What is wrong with me? Can I still get rid of... READ MORE

How to Get Rid

I had lentigenes so i got a q switch laser done after 2 weeks i got brown spots on them may be due to sun exposure or its a hyperpigmention. So... READ MORE

Will 5 Sessions of Isolaz Get Rid of Facial Brown Spots or Just Lighten Them?

Isolaz was recommended for my brown spots. I am 59 years old and have had them for a few years. Is fraxel or co2 laser better? READ MORE

What is the best OTC treatment for aging skin on hands and arms?

Skin on hands and arms look like "onion skin" texture with wrinkles, looseness, and wrinkles. What is the best OTC for treatment of aging and sun... READ MORE

What would be the best treatment to remove my age spots? (Photo)

I'm 42 yo, asian woman. I would love to have a beautiful complexion. READ MORE

What is the best way to get rid of facial brown spots?

The spots are either sun spots, age spots or liver spots and are increasing. I don't want to use fade creams. I'm a little darker than fair... READ MORE

How can I lighten this dark spot on my nose? It's about the size of a wedding ring (Photo)

I got a nose piercing and i took it out and it left a dark mark.. And i looked on youtube which was probably not the best idea and i put toothpaste on... READ MORE

What do dermatologists/cosmetic surgeons recommend for age spots? (Photo)

I am 57 and my arms are covered with brown spots, no doubt from youthful sunbathing without SPF. What do professionals recommend for lightening these... READ MORE

Which treatments would be best for me?

I'm 55 and have a lot of age spots, medium wrinkles, broken blood vessels around my nose and hair on my upper lip and chin. The lasers my Dr. has to... READ MORE

Scars from Freezing of Age Spots? (Photo)

6 weeks ago, I had my dermatologist freeze off some age spots on my hands. She mentioned that it could turn white in some spots, which I was ok with,... READ MORE

Solar lentigos in face. How can I get rid of these? (Photo)

Hi, I shifted to Australia and after few months this spots started appearing in my face. I got to know that these are named as solar lentigos. Can i... READ MORE

I need a FINAL SOLUTION to facial age spot! (photo)

I've tried Obagi Nu Derm, several otc creams, three ELOS Photofacials, essential oils — nothing has eliminated this spot on my face. I'm willing to h... READ MORE

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