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Brown Spots on Face Treatment Advice

I am 39 year old female with brown spots, some freckling, broken capillaries and red blotches/rosacea, and dull skin that does not exfoliate well.... READ MORE

Treatment for Facial Brown Spots?

Over the last 1-2 years, I have developed two brown patches under my eyes, one large patch on my forehead and one on the top of my nose. After being... READ MORE

Around What Age Do Sun or Age Spots Appear?

I'm 22. I've been using face lotion with spf 15 since I was 16. And the make up I wear also has spf 10. But recently I noticed a very very... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for an age spot in the under eye area? (photos)

At least I think it's an age spot! I have a clump of discoloration under my eye that I'd like to get rid of. So far it's been unresponsive to IPL (3... READ MORE

What to Do About Sunspot Resistant to Several Treatments?

I've had a sunspot on my cheek (dime-sized) for 10 years (I'm 34). I have very pale skin and have been wearing SPF 60+ sunblock for the last... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for red spots, age spots and wrinkles on the chest? (photos)

I've had 4 sessions of IPL on my chest, and none of these spots are lifting, or diminishing. I've done IPL before and know what to expect. But my... READ MORE

What can you recommend for stubborn age/sun spots on hands?

Hello. I am a healthy 63 year old woman who has used sunblock every day of the year for decades. However, during childhood, I got suntanned/burned a... READ MORE

Any suggestions for spots on my face? (photos)

Hello I'm 25 yrs old woman ,a year back i moved from India to North-Dakota since then i observed that spots on my face are increasing before that i... READ MORE

Brown spot on face age 22 female married?

Brown sports on face due to use of medicine gestodene_ethinyrestradiol compound READ MORE

I'm a 25 yr old female who spends hardly anytime in the sun. Can I get age spots? (Photo)

What seems to have appeared overnight is this big orange oval looking age spot between my thumb and index finger. I thought i was too young to get age... READ MORE

Brown spots on my face, what can I do? (Photos)

Am 29 yrs and I could see the brown spots on my face are increasing. Earlier (24yrs)I didn't had much spots on my face after pregnancy it's increasing... READ MORE

30 Years Old - I am really stressing because it looks like I have laser burns. Is this normal? Will these go away? (Photo)

Is this normal - I am really stressing because it looks like I have laser burns - it looks like chicken pox if I want to go out in public. I am scared... READ MORE

What is the best option for age spot removal on the face? (Photo)

I am a 39 y/o female with a few age spots I would like removed. I have had these spots since my early 30's. I have tried kojic creams, glycolic acid,... READ MORE

I need a FINAL SOLUTION to facial age spot! (photo)

I've tried Obagi Nu Derm, several otc creams, three ELOS Photofacials, essential oils — nothing has eliminated this spot on my face. I'm willing to h... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to reduce Sun Spots/Age Spots for a Guyanese - West Indian female?

My mother is 65 years old. She was (and is) a very beautiful woman. But during the past few years she has developed awful age spots/sun spots on her... READ MORE

Which treatment is better for aging and skin with brown spots? (photo)

I am looking into non invasive treatment. I need your professional recommendation pls. Thank you READ MORE

What is the best treatment to remove age spots on the face? (Photo)

I am 39 yo female and have a few age spots on my face. I have had them for a few years. I've tried glycolic acid, kojic acid, and Rodan & Fields... READ MORE

I am a 50 yo female. I have a red spot on my face. I think it is broken capillaries, but now a brown freckle/mole has appeared

I am a 50yo fe mail , freckl/mole is dark brown , irregular shaped, flat & about 4 mm it just appeared in the last week should I be concerned ? READ MORE

Nothing is working to remove the age spots on my legs -- any suggestions? (Photos)

I'm Caucasian, 50 years old I've had 3 board certified drs look at age spots on legs and have tried Fraxel, Sciton BBL & Halo and nothing has worked.... READ MORE

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