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Around What Age Do Sun or Age Spots Appear?

I'm 22. I've been using face lotion with spf 15 since I was 16. And the make up I wear also has spf 10. But recently I noticed a very very... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old, and I have dark spots on my face. Best Treatment for Dark Spots?

I'm 32 years old, and I have dark spots on my face. I have tried all kinds of products like fade creams, and even tried covering it up with make up.... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Solar Lentigos?

I have a few solar lentigos on my face. I have tried many things and it has only gotten darker. I tried 2 IPLs about 2 years ago. I tried a series of... READ MORE

Laser Treatments for Darker Skin: Brown Spots, Lines and Skin Tightening

I want to get rid of my brown spots, lines and tighten the skin on my face. But I was told that there are no safe treatments for dark skin. I had... READ MORE

Will Age Spots Return if Whitening Cream Use is Discontinued?

I've used whitening creams to completely remove the age spot on my face. Will it come back if I don't continue using it? READ MORE

Skin Darkening Around the Lips and Chin Area After Fraxel Dual

I am Asian and had Fraxel dual 8 days ago to remove some brown spots located on the side of my face and some freckles on my cheek. Right after the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for spots on my face? (photos)

Hello I'm 25 yrs old woman ,a year back i moved from India to North-Dakota since then i observed that spots on my face are increasing before that i... READ MORE

Brown spots on my face, what can I do? (Photos)

Am 29 yrs and I could see the brown spots on my face are increasing. Earlier (24yrs)I didn't had much spots on my face after pregnancy it's increasing... READ MORE

I had sun spots and skin tags burnt off at my regular family practice doctor. Am I panicked for no reason? (photo)

I went into the doctor because I was sick and while I was there I asked him to check out some suspicious moles and spots on my neck and my face. Some... READ MORE

What is the best option for age spot removal on the face? (Photo)

I am a 39 y/o female with a few age spots I would like removed. I have had these spots since my early 30's. I have tried kojic creams, glycolic acid,... READ MORE

I need a FINAL SOLUTION to facial age spot! (photo)

I've tried Obagi Nu Derm, several otc creams, three ELOS Photofacials, essential oils — nothing has eliminated this spot on my face. I'm willing to h... READ MORE

How can I get my face to look young again? I'm only 23, and my face has become littered with "age spots" over the last year.

I'm a 23 year-old woman. I don't sunbathe or spend time outdoors. Over the last year I've seen a significant increase of pigmented spots on my face. I... READ MORE

I have (genetic) brown age spots of my face (on both eye lids and below the eyes). (photo)

I have (genetic) brown age spots of my face (on both eye lids and below the eyes). Please provide your best cosmetic procedure to remove them. READ MORE

Age spots in face with sensitive skin?

Hi. I have sensitive skin with psorisis In Head and sometimes in face. I want to know if i can use laser treatment to get rid of age spots on my face... READ MORE

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