Smaller + African American Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty for a Wide Nose- Price? (photo)

Hey My nose has been the main reason for my low self steem to this day,I decided I need to get rhinoplasty,I was thinking of doing it out out of the... READ MORE

Natural looking African American rhinoplasty without implant (Photo)

Hi everyone I would like have surgery that would make my nose smaller, more narrow and straight. If I need an implant could I use tissue from my body?... READ MORE

I Am Confused with What Kind of Nose I Want? (photo)

Hey please i need help.. am goin in for rhinoplasty consultation on tuesday but am a bit confused with what i want. I think a smaller nose with some... READ MORE

Suitability for ethnic rhinoplasty? Traveling from London to USA (photos)

I have been considering rhinoplasty for some time and have made the decision to start the search for a suitable surgeon with a view to having surgery... READ MORE

Is it true that you can not make a nose smaller you can just change the shape of the nose? (photos)

I have suffered many years of pain and hurt from constantly being teased and etc because of my big nose. I am trying to be on a payment plan to get... READ MORE

What would you recommend to achieve smaller nose but still ethnic? (photos)

I feelmy nose takes away from my appearance. I cant pin point what exactly needs to be done but I do want it to be subtle. READ MORE

African American rhinoplasty - what can I do to get a more narrow, smaller bridge? More refined tip? (Photo)

I would like to keep my ethnic nose, just more narrow, smaller bridge, maybe more refined tip? I want a more feminine nose , a nice conservative... READ MORE

Can a "white nose" rhinoplasty surgery be done on a black person? (Photo)

Is it possible for a black person to have surgery that will make their nose smaller and thinner. I have a medium sized nose but I want it to be more... READ MORE

Big Nose/Nose Asymmetry. (photos)

I am an African American woman with a big shapeless nose. On top of that, I have a really bad nostril asymmetry. This has bothered me for so long. I... READ MORE

Is a natural looking rhinoplasty achievable? (Photo)

Is it possible to conserve my african features with rhinoplasty? I am terrified of having the "pinched nose" look. I only want a nose that is smaller,... READ MORE

Ethnic Rhinoplasty, What can be done for me? (Photo)

My nose has for a long time been something that has bothered me. I would like to know if it will it be possible for ethnic rhinoplasty to be performed... READ MORE

17 year old ethnic rhinoplasty. How do I find a doctor that understands my expectations? (Photo)

Ever since I was 15 i have wanted one. When I started secondary I was constantly told I have a big nose or teased. When I reach 18 and have saved up.... READ MORE

Been wanting to do rhinoplasty for many years now; I would like my nose much smaller and pointy? (Photos)

I would like my nose much smaller and pointy , it's kind of hard to describe , I really hate my nose but at the same time scared to get it done just... READ MORE

African American rhinoplasty surgeon? (Photo)

I'am looking for a plastic surgeon who can give me a perfect nose job. I don't want to be one of those people who have to come back the second time... READ MORE

27 of African descent; I would like rhinoplasty am I a good candidate? (photo)

Hello I'm 27 of African descent and would like a nose job but I don't want to look like little kim my nose appears larger in photos and I'd just like... READ MORE

Is my nose still swollen at 5 weeks post op, and will get smaller and more defined in time? (photos)

I had an extensive revision African American Rhinoplasty almost 5 weeks ago, and although I'm quite happy with the results, I feel like my nose could... READ MORE

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