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Before and After of Rhinoplasty to Make Nose Less Masculine

So I went to my consultaion for a rhinoplasty and all went well, but she did not want to show me any photos of here Rhinoplasty work because each... READ MORE

i hate my nose! (nigerian) (photo)

I hate my nose so much, I already have a big head plus im over weight (225 pounds) is it possible if i lose weight it will become thin or would i need... READ MORE

African American with flat wide nose. Can i get a nose job for a higher bridge without it looking unnatural? (photo)

I am African American with a flat wide nose. I really dont mind my nose when i have a neutral face, however, when i smile, it widens and looks even... READ MORE

To what extent can I have my bridge, tip and nostrils narrowed and still be natural looking? (photos)

Whilst i want my nose to be natural looking after rhinoplasty, i also don't want it to be too subtle. I want my nose bridge narrowed and straightened,... READ MORE

Suitability for ethnic rhinoplasty? Traveling from London to USA (photos)

I have been considering rhinoplasty for some time and have made the decision to start the search for a suitable surgeon with a view to having surgery... READ MORE

Is sucking in my nose by inhaling a good indicator of how narrow my nose can be made in African American rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I want my bridge built very high, nostrils narrowed and tip to have less bulge. I don't want an open procedure so I've chosen a surgeon who does only... READ MORE

African American Black Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Europe? (Photos)

I always wanted a nose Job since I was young. I have a really wide nose with big nostrils as you can See in the pictures. now I am looking for a... READ MORE

Can anybody fix this? When I was young I fell on my face and my mom didn't take me to the doctor. (photo)

When I was young I fell on my face and my mom didn't take me to the doctor. So my punishment was this nose even if I can't smell or breathe right. I... READ MORE

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