Open Rhinoplasty + African American Rhinoplasty

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African American worried about getting keloid scars after Open Rhinoplasty - what are the risk of getting a keloid?

I'll be having an open rhinoplasty, and I'm really scared that my face would be destroyed by keloids. I've already spoke to my surgeon and he told me... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, alar base reduction. Would I need open or closed rhino for the results I'm seeking? (Photo)

Hi, I am considering rhinoplasty. I am African American and while I would like to keep a nose that fits me ethnically, I still want rhinoplasty that... READ MORE

I have a big, wide shapeless nose. What are my options to make it more narrow? And is a closed/open rhinoplasty best? (photos)

I am an African American woman. My nose does not have any definition. It is more apparent when I smile. I would like to reduce the width and size of... READ MORE

Can I achieve the look I want in my photo imaging? I want an obvious Ethnic Rhinoplasty and it to be obvious. (photos)

I want an ethnic rhinoplasty but i want it to be obvious/keep the guessing the difference lol. I was told i would need alar reduction open rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Alarplasty only? I want to decrease the width of my nose. (photos)

But I don't want a complicated full open rhinoplasty. I don't want to completely change my nose just a slight change. Am I able to achieve by desired... READ MORE

Possible Swelling 1 year 5 months Post Op? (photos)

I received open rhinoplasty 12/2014. I also got a silicone implant. I'm an African American woman and I've researched where the skin is thicker and... READ MORE

Why is my stitched area not healing correctly 2 months after Rhinoplasty?

Had open rhinoplasty two months ago and the area where the stitches were around the nose (on the sides) keep swelling up or look like they are not... READ MORE

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