Nostrils + African American Rhinoplasty

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Round Nose and Wide Nostrils (Afro Caribbean) - Am I a Good Rhinoplasty Candidate?

I have a very round nose with wide nostrils. The thing is I only want tip refinement surgery because I'm fearful that any alar work will... READ MORE

Nostril Reduction Technique Throught the Mouth?

I consulted a doctor a week ago for an ethnic Rhinoplasty (I am African american). He told me he reduces nostril going through the mouth (in front of... READ MORE

I Have Thin Nostril Rims And Weak Lower Lateral Cartilages, What Can I Do To Firm Up My Nose?

I am a black male, my ala rims are thin but they connect to medium size nose. but the structure inside the nose is not strong. When I flare my nose I... READ MORE

Would a rhinoplasty take care of the sides of my nose? (photo)

There are a number of things I'd like to correct about my nose (bulbous tip, wide base, wide nostrils) but I'm most concerned about the bony sides of... READ MORE

I have flat nose with wide nostrils. Can it be fixed? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I am African and my nose is something I really want to change. My nostrils are so wide and flat. I feel so uncomfortable when I look into the mirror.... READ MORE

Can my Nose Be Worked On? African American Rhinoplasty. (photo)

I understand that my nose is too wide and it looks undefined from the front however from the side you can see that my nostrils are shaped nicely, just... READ MORE

Is there a way to make nostrils straight instead of circular?

I've noticed that my nostrils are circular and wide. I am a black male and would like to make my nose look more European like and less wide and... READ MORE

Big Nose/Nose Asymmetry. (photos)

I am an African American woman with a big shapeless nose. On top of that, I have a really bad nostril asymmetry. This has bothered me for so long. I... READ MORE

Is my dream nose achievable? (Photo)

I really don't mind the bridge of my nose but I dislike the width of my nostrils and how the tip of my nose goes down when I smile. Is my wish nose... READ MORE

What is the cost of tip Rhinoplasty under local anesthesia?

I am look for a doctor to perform tip rhinoplasty only. The problem I have with my nose are exposed nostrils and a high tip. I would like to have the... READ MORE

As an African American woman, can I realistically get good results from closed rhinoplasty?

My nose is narrow at the bridge and gets broader by the nostrils - almost shaped like a triangle. I met with a surgeon who recommended closed... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I'm an afro-caribbean woman. I have wide nostrils, a large and flat bridge. My nose is long. I want my nose to be thinner. Am i a good candidate for a... READ MORE

Urgent advice on African American rhinoplasty now that I have the funds ready

Hello Drs Can anybody just tell me what procedure i will need just by looking at my nose? I have hated my nose since i was a teenager and now i in my... READ MORE

I'm 23 years old aspiring actress and I'm looking for a plastic surgeon who can perform a African American Rhinoplasty. (Photo)

I'm looking for DRAMATIC results. I really hate my nose. And don't mind changing EVERYTHING about it. (Just being honest) I want a natural look but I... READ MORE

African American Alarplasty advice please.

Dear Doctors I will like to know if just alarplasty will help me get a better version of the nose i have already. Am not too worried about my nose but... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty to fix crooked nostrils and bulbous tip? (Photos)

Is there a way a doctor could 1) make my tip less bulbous 2) make my nostrils symmetrical (they make me face look completely crooked I feel!) and 3)... READ MORE

What can be done within ethnic rhinoplasty with my nose? (Photo)

Hi, What nose shape will enhance my face? My tips bulbous. My favourite part is the shape around the nostrils (the alla and columella?) Does the nose... READ MORE

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