Nostril Reduction + African American Rhinoplasty

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What Surgery Would You Reccommend for Large Nostils? Also to Make my Nose Smaller?

I have heard of the weir technique but wanted to know if that's all I would need to make my nostrils smaller and nose more defined.I want to at all... READ MORE

Nostril Reduction Technique Throught the Mouth?

I consulted a doctor a week ago for an ethnic Rhinoplasty (I am African american). He told me he reduces nostril going through the mouth (in front of... READ MORE

African American Smaller Nostrils?

I am a 22 years old black woman and I want to know if surgery can make my nostrils smaller (and keeping their original shape) without touching the... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty. Nostril Reduction, Bridge and Tip Definition? (photo)

Hello, I am a black women seeking Rhinoplasty. I would like to have my nostrils reduced, a defined bridge and a tip, if cartilage will be used I... READ MORE

What Could Be Done to my Nose? (photo)

Hello, I have been seriously thinking about getting a rhinoplasty done in the UK or in the US. After many research, I found that it would be better... READ MORE

I Have the Widest Nostrils and Hate Them and Would Love Surgery to Fix It, what Would You Recommend? (photo)

My nose is so ugly and would love to have my large nostrils small,what would you recommend i have done as i can't stand looking at it. READ MORE

To what extent can I have my bridge, tip and nostrils narrowed and still be natural looking? (photos)

Whilst i want my nose to be natural looking after rhinoplasty, i also don't want it to be too subtle. I want my nose bridge narrowed and straightened,... READ MORE

I have a Wide nose with large nostrils and I would like to reduce nostrils. Finding a doctor that can deliver? (photo)

I would love to have my nostrils reduced and that is really all I would like done. Never had a problem with the shape of my nose. I just don't like... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty - I'm researching ethnic rhinoplasty, wondered if it were possible to westernize my nose. (photo)

I'm researching ethnic rhinoplasty and wondered if it were at all possible to westernize my nose. I have a very flat bridge and want a great deal more... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I have 4500,I really want Rhinoplasty and id like a bridge and my nostrils smaller. I've seen people with similar noses get great results. I am... READ MORE

Ethnic nostril reduction In Toronto? (Photo)

The only thing I don't like about my nose are my nostrils. I don't want to change the overall appearance of my nose. I only want to narrow my nostrils... READ MORE

How much do you think my Rhinoplasty would cost for African American woman? (photos)

I want higher bridge and smaller nostrils without losing circular shape. READ MORE

African Rhinoplasty of 25 yr/old female (living in Australia). Looking for plastic surgeon? (Photo)

I'm looking to get a nose job done in Australia though I don't know if there are any surgeons experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty (specifically... READ MORE

Can I get a western nose? Please?

I understand that the african american nose tends to have thicker skin,wider nostrils, flatter bridge etc...and then there's the whole facial harmony... READ MORE

Need to narrow Wide Bridge of African American nose and proportionally reduce tip and of wide nostrils (Photos)

Would like to know what technique would work best to narrow my very wide bridge? I'm not 100% sure ,but it appears to have decent height. Based on the... READ MORE

African American Black Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Europe? (Photos)

I always wanted a nose Job since I was young. I have a really wide nose with big nostrils as you can See in the pictures. now I am looking for a... READ MORE

Would African American rhinoplasty help to reduce the bridge of my nose? (Photo)

I want to reduce the bridge of my nose and possibly reducing the size of my nostrils just a little bit. I am very afraid of looking unnatural and I... READ MORE

Would I Be able to get beautiful and natural results with an alar base/nostril reduction procedure? (Photos)

I do appreciate my nose. However I want to get my nostrils reduced and get some Tissue/cartilage removed from the bulbous tip to give me a more... READ MORE

Ethnic African American (Latina, Scottish) Rhinoplasty 27 y/o Female. (photos)

I've been struggling with my looks forever. Have wanted a nose job for over a decade. I'm intent on having rhinoplasty done. Broke my nose in high... READ MORE

I want to get my nose done. I'm African American and I would just like the nostrils taken in a little. Any suggestions?

Cost of a nose job. How long is recovery .can your nose be nonsurgical if getting the nostrils taking in READ MORE

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