Natural Looking + African American Rhinoplasty

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Nose Droops at the Tip, Is There a Way to Give it a Slight Lift While Still Looking Natural?

I wonder if the kind experts on this forum can answer a question for me? Is there a way to give the tip of my nose a slight lift? Reason why I ask is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Dramatic Reduction Without Leaning Towards the "Jackson" Realm? (photo)

When working with African Americans, I'm sure surgeons get the same request, "don't make me look like Michael!" I see some have accomplished that..a... READ MORE

To what extent can I have my bridge, tip and nostrils narrowed and still be natural looking? (photos)

Whilst i want my nose to be natural looking after rhinoplasty, i also don't want it to be too subtle. I want my nose bridge narrowed and straightened,... READ MORE

Natural looking African American rhinoplasty without implant (Photo)

Hi everyone I would like have surgery that would make my nose smaller, more narrow and straight. If I need an implant could I use tissue from my body?... READ MORE

Can my nose be more narrow and still look natural? (photos)

I am a 19 year old African American female that hates her nose. Sounds shallow, but truthfully, I am far from that. Lately, I've been put down about... READ MORE

Suitability for ethnic rhinoplasty? Traveling from London to USA (photos)

I have been considering rhinoplasty for some time and have made the decision to start the search for a suitable surgeon with a view to having surgery... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty? Like most, I am concerned about getting a natural look.

I have posted a pic of myself and a pic of the desired look I am going for. I do NOT want a refined or pinched tip. the shape of my nostrils are fine... READ MORE

I'm looking for ethnic rhinoplasty. Can a natural but significant difference be made without being too dramatic? (Photo)

I want to do an open rhinoplasty to make my nose pinched in and look thinner and I'll have a bulbous tip after that so i would also want some of that... READ MORE

African Rhinoplasty of 25 yr/old female (living in Australia). Looking for plastic surgeon? (Photo)

I'm looking to get a nose job done in Australia though I don't know if there are any surgeons experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty (specifically... READ MORE

Tiny Barbie nose? For an African American Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hello, from my picture shown is it possible to tell from my nose structure if a tiny Barbie nose is possible for my anatomy? Or would that type of... READ MORE

Is a natural looking rhinoplasty achievable? (Photo)

Is it possible to conserve my african features with rhinoplasty? I am terrified of having the "pinched nose" look. I only want a nose that is smaller,... READ MORE

17 year old ethnic rhinoplasty. How do I find a doctor that understands my expectations? (Photo)

Ever since I was 15 i have wanted one. When I started secondary I was constantly told I have a big nose or teased. When I reach 18 and have saved up.... READ MORE

Would I Be able to get beautiful and natural results with an alar base/nostril reduction procedure? (Photos)

I do appreciate my nose. However I want to get my nostrils reduced and get some Tissue/cartilage removed from the bulbous tip to give me a more... READ MORE

I'm looking for a change, I Want to make changes to my nose, can I achieve a natural looking nose to suit my face?

My nose is flat and wide there is no definition to it. I would like subtle changes in the size and a lot definition to it so my other features will be... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty: Is it possible to make my nose slightly thinner and lower? (Photos)

Hello, I have an extreme, short, fat, pig-like nose. I haven't seen anyone with my type of nose to get a natural looking rhinoplasty. I just want it... READ MORE

I want to reduce the size of my ethnic nose. What approach should I take? (Photo)

I am wanting to reduce my nostrils and tip of my nose as well as narrowing it a bit. I am not concerned about losing any ethnic features but I do want... READ MORE

Why are there problems with achieving "natural/non ethnic" results on ethnic patients in America? (Photo)

The pictures I've listed are results of ethnic rhino in the Philippines and I'm just wondering how this doctor can achieve these results and not any... READ MORE

Do I have to find an ethnic rhinoplastic surgeon? (Photos)

A Sugeron that can give me the results that I desire? Or even near. I'm Hispanic I feel like I have a African American nose. because of the thickness... READ MORE

African American Rhinplasty (Ethnic Nose job). Is it possible to make my tip smaller without the fake look?

Hi, I'm 24 and have been contemplating on getting rhinoplasty corrections since 13. My nose is wide and has little to no tip. I want it smaller and... READ MORE

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