Narrow + African American Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty Options for Wide Nose Bridge?

I have a very wide nose bridge and wanted to know what could be done. I have always hated my nose because I feel its too wide, what are some of my... READ MORE

Can my Type of "African American" Nose Be Fixed

Been looking for a surgeon for 6 years. Spent over $600 so far on a hand full of consultations, still no luck. Can my nose be fixed the way I want it?... READ MORE

I Want a Nose Job but Don't Want It to Change my Total Appearance

Hi, I have hated my nose since high school and have now decided to get a nose job. My nose is too wide and big when i smile (even bigger than my... READ MORE

Achieve Narrower African American Nose Through Rhinoplasty?

I would like to get a narrower nose if possible. Maybe something like the rapper Sean Combs (P. Diddy). Is this possible? If I can get a narrower... READ MORE

I Want to Change my Nose and Lips? What Do You Think? (photo)

I'm a young male and I want my nose to be less wide. And I dont want an "ethnic nose job", I want to completely change my nose. I also... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Rhinoplasty to Narrow Bridge and Tip on a Budget of $4,500?

Hello everyone. I am a 20 yr old of african descent. I am wanting to get a rhinoplasty on the first of may 2013 to narrow my bridge and get a pointier... READ MORE

What Could Be Done to my Nose? (photo)

Hello, I have been seriously thinking about getting a rhinoplasty done in the UK or in the US. After many research, I found that it would be better... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Questions.. Is It Possible or Will I Look Funny? (photo)

I am a 27yr old female currently thinking of getting Rhinoplasty. But I have some things i'm curious about.. Do rhinoplasty surgery consist of... READ MORE

To what extent can I have my bridge, tip and nostrils narrowed and still be natural looking? (photos)

Whilst i want my nose to be natural looking after rhinoplasty, i also don't want it to be too subtle. I want my nose bridge narrowed and straightened,... READ MORE

What Could Realistically and Honestly Be Done to Fix my Nose? I Don't Want to End Up Looking Worse. (photo)

I know what I want for my surgery and I want my nose narrowed and raised for a more symmetrical look-- but not to the point where it doesn't look... READ MORE

Natural looking African American rhinoplasty without implant (Photo)

Hi everyone I would like have surgery that would make my nose smaller, more narrow and straight. If I need an implant could I use tissue from my body?... READ MORE

Can my nose be more narrow and still look natural? (photos)

I am a 19 year old African American female that hates her nose. Sounds shallow, but truthfully, I am far from that. Lately, I've been put down about... READ MORE

What rhinoplasty procedure would improve the appearance of my nose? High wide bridge narrow base bulbous tip (photo)

I guess I am categorized under ethnic rhinoplasty because I'm African American however I'm not sure what kind of nose I have mainly because of the... READ MORE

Is there a way to make nostrils straight instead of circular?

I've noticed that my nostrils are circular and wide. I am a black male and would like to make my nose look more European like and less wide and... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty question. Details/suggestions on procedure for ethic nose. (Photo)

I am interested in rhino surgery or possible non surgical nose procedure to correct a few concerns I've had over the years. Main Problem: Thickness in... READ MORE

I have a big, wide shapeless nose. What are my options to make it more narrow? And is a closed/open rhinoplasty best? (photos)

I am an African American woman. My nose does not have any definition. It is more apparent when I smile. I would like to reduce the width and size of... READ MORE

African-American seeking rhinoplasty, hoping to refine but maintain ethnicity. (Photo)

Hello, I having been contemplating rhinoplasty for the past decade, but have been very concerned about going through with it because I don't want to... READ MORE

Is outward scaring unavoidable for African American nose jobs? (photos)

One of my main goals in having Rhinoplasty surgery is to complete the recovery period without obvious scaring, which could be a tell tell sign of... READ MORE

As an African American woman, can I realistically get good results from closed rhinoplasty?

My nose is narrow at the bridge and gets broader by the nostrils - almost shaped like a triangle. I met with a surgeon who recommended closed... READ MORE

In search of an ethnic cosmetic surgeon who's experienced in African American rhinoplasty (Photo)

African-American female wanting a slightly narrower nose. Not sure if non-surgical rhinoplasty is an option for me. Currently by nose is wide at the... READ MORE

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