Male + African American Rhinoplasty

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Pros and Cons of African American Rhinoplasty?

Is there a way to make my nose look smaller without surgery? Is cosmetic surgery really worth it? I've seen many pics of patients who look like... READ MORE

I Want a Nose Job but Don't Want It to Change my Total Appearance

Hi, I have hated my nose since high school and have now decided to get a nose job. My nose is too wide and big when i smile (even bigger than my... READ MORE

Looking for Realistic Results for Ethnic Nose Job (rhynoplasty)

I have been looking for info for rhynoplasty and was wondering if it was possible to get it done and what options are available for my type of nose.... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty on Bulbous Nose, Can I Achieve Desired Results?

I'm a male with a very bulbous nose especially at the tip and therefore interested in getting rhinoplasty to reduce its bulbous look. I want to... READ MORE

Achieve Narrower African American Nose Through Rhinoplasty?

I would like to get a narrower nose if possible. Maybe something like the rapper Sean Combs (P. Diddy). Is this possible? If I can get a narrower... READ MORE

Nose Droops at the Tip, Is There a Way to Give it a Slight Lift While Still Looking Natural?

I wonder if the kind experts on this forum can answer a question for me? Is there a way to give the tip of my nose a slight lift? Reason why I ask is... READ MORE

I Have Thin Nostril Rims And Weak Lower Lateral Cartilages, What Can I Do To Firm Up My Nose?

I am a black male, my ala rims are thin but they connect to medium size nose. but the structure inside the nose is not strong. When I flare my nose I... READ MORE

How Does Ethnic Rhinoplasty Work?

I want to reduce the size of my nose and add feminine more defined tip. I feel that my nose is too big for my face and don't have any shape to it. Any... READ MORE

How Can I Bulk Up Tissue & Strengthen Existing Cartiladge

I Would Like to Have a Stronger Cartilage Foundation,  but I Have a Thin Skin Envelope with No Fat.  I have a flimsy cartilage that does not... READ MORE

Does It Cost More to Fix a Large African American Nose Hump?

I was just wondering if this would be considered a large hump and would cost more than normal to straighten out. Also do u think if i only got it... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors Who Specialize in African American Rhinoplasty?

Ve been wanting to get my small hump on my bridge shaved down and my Tip and Nostrils LESS round and more defined. Boxed off. (NOT Pointy) Currently... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for African American (Ethnic) Rhinoplasty, Buccal Fat Removal, Chin and Mandibular Implants? (photo)

I am a 23y.o Male who is a licensed aesthetician and has for years now been displeased with the overall structure of my face. I work out regularly and... READ MORE

19 yo male wanting Rhinoplasty to reduce nostrils and nose bridge. Can I get results similar to the photos below? (photos)

I've always felt that my nose was too bold for my face. My tip over project's in photos and I dislike the width of my nostrils and nose bridge. I... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty - I'm researching ethnic rhinoplasty, wondered if it were possible to westernize my nose. (photo)

I'm researching ethnic rhinoplasty and wondered if it were at all possible to westernize my nose. I have a very flat bridge and want a great deal more... READ MORE

Is there a way to make nostrils straight instead of circular?

I've noticed that my nostrils are circular and wide. I am a black male and would like to make my nose look more European like and less wide and... READ MORE

What can I do for a more aesthetically balanced nose for my face? (Photo)

Im a young black male that is planning on getting a nose job in the near future. My ideal nose is one that looks natural to my face/ethnic background... READ MORE

Would my nose be easy to fix? What changes would you suggest to make it smaller? (photo)

I think my nose is huge and I'm always seriously considering a nose job. I feel really ugly because it. I hate looking people in the face and taking... READ MORE

How to find the best surgeon for an African American rhinoplasty?

I am a young Black male actor. I intend to have rhinoplasty surgery. I live in Los Angeles and have been looking at the websites of some of the "top... READ MORE

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