Flat + African American Rhinoplasty

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I Have A Wide, Flat Nose. Can It Be Changed? (photo)

I have been very unhappy with my nose for several years now and have wanted rhinoplasty for about a year and a half. I don't want just a thinner... READ MORE

Can a Black Nose Be Transformed? (photo)

Hello I am african american and I have a flat wide nose that resembles rihanna's. I want a nose that is thinner, project from the face and has a cute... READ MORE

What Could Realistically and Honestly Be Done to Fix my Nose? I Don't Want to End Up Looking Worse. (photo)

I know what I want for my surgery and I want my nose narrowed and raised for a more symmetrical look-- but not to the point where it doesn't look... READ MORE

I have flat nose with wide nostrils. Can it be fixed? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I am African and my nose is something I really want to change. My nostrils are so wide and flat. I feel so uncomfortable when I look into the mirror.... READ MORE

Can I Retrieve my Old Nose 12 Days After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi, I recently had a rhinoplasty done 12 days ago and my nose looks so flat. I'm african american and my nose was once really flared and bubbled... READ MORE

I Am a 18 Year Old Women That is Interested in Black Rhinoplasty?

Hi I am a 18 year old women that is interested in black rhinoplasty .I have a rihinna nose but ideal nose that I want is hallie berry or Kerry... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty give me a more structured and defined nose? My dream nose is a nose like Kylie Jenner's (Photo)

I'm 20 years old. I'm fully African American and I really dislike how big, flat, and wide my nose is. Is it possible to get a thinner nose with more... READ MORE

What can be done for my Afro-Asian nose? (photos)

As you can see in my picts, my nose is very wide, fat, and flat. It just ruins my entire face. I want it to be fixed by a talented surgeon. My only... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my nose bridge raised? It's too flat (Photo)

How can I get my nose bridge high,couz I can wear a glasses ,I want to get it high but how ,? READ MORE

Any suggestions for African American Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I feel as if my nose is too wide and flat,my columella is retracted,and my tip isnt noticable. On my side profile i dont want my bridge to be shown as... READ MORE

I have a flat and hog like nose can it be fixed? (Photo)

I have always been very insecure about my nose and have also been compared to Penelope,my nose is short, flat and snout like. I have large nostrils... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve this result on my ethnic nose? (Photo)

Doctors, i have a typical african american nose: very flat and large bridge, wide and round nasal. I've always hated my nose, i feel like my nose is... READ MORE

What is the difference between a rhinoplasty and an alarplasty? (Photo)

I honestly think I need a rhinoplasty because my nose has no shape no bridge and it's to flat. Which surgeon performs best for an African American. Help! READ MORE

Can I get a western nose? Please?

I understand that the african american nose tends to have thicker skin,wider nostrils, flatter bridge etc...and then there's the whole facial harmony... READ MORE

I'm looking for a change, I Want to make changes to my nose, can I achieve a natural looking nose to suit my face?

My nose is flat and wide there is no definition to it. I would like subtle changes in the size and a lot definition to it so my other features will be... READ MORE

I don't like how I look. What procedures can I get done? (Photo)

I feel like my nose is too flat, my face is too round and my cheeks are too full READ MORE

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