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African American Rhinoplasty. Nostril Reduction, Bridge and Tip Definition? (photo)

Hello, I am a black women seeking Rhinoplasty. I would like to have my nostrils reduced, a defined bridge and a tip, if cartilage will be used I... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty Recovery?

I like to know about recover time for rhinoplasty? I also want to know where I can find more pictures of individuals that have their tip defined. I... READ MORE

Ethnic Rhinoplasty- Will Be Able to Achieve the Look I'm Seeking? (photo)

I'm looking to have rhinoplasty sometime this year and I would like to define my bridge a bit more and shapelier nose. My main concern is my bridges... READ MORE

Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Am I able to achieve a more defined tip and bridge? (Photo)

Am I able to achieve something similar to this. By this I mean a more defined tip and bridge. I know african american rhinoplasty has its limits due... READ MORE

What is an Estimate of the Cost of my Procedure? (photo)

I want the bridge of my nose narrowed & defined, my tip smaller & refined, and my nostril width reduced. Considering these specific requests,... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty Techniques?

In most cases is it necessary to remove mucoperichondrial (SMAS) tissue from the nasal tip to create more definition in thick skin patients? It's my... READ MORE

Suitability for ethnic rhinoplasty? Traveling from London to USA (photos)

I have been considering rhinoplasty for some time and have made the decision to start the search for a suitable surgeon with a view to having surgery... READ MORE

Is there a way to make nostrils straight instead of circular?

I've noticed that my nostrils are circular and wide. I am a black male and would like to make my nose look more European like and less wide and... READ MORE

Can rhinoplasty give me a more structured and defined nose? My dream nose is a nose like Kylie Jenner's (Photo)

I'm 20 years old. I'm fully African American and I really dislike how big, flat, and wide my nose is. Is it possible to get a thinner nose with more... READ MORE

African Rhinoplasty of 25 yr/old female (living in Australia). Looking for plastic surgeon? (Photo)

I'm looking to get a nose job done in Australia though I don't know if there are any surgeons experienced in ethnic rhinoplasty (specifically... READ MORE

I have a big, wide shapeless nose. What are my options to make it more narrow? And is a closed/open rhinoplasty best? (photos)

I am an African American woman. My nose does not have any definition. It is more apparent when I smile. I would like to reduce the width and size of... READ MORE

Could an African American rhinoplasty doctor reduce the size of my nose and its flare? (Photo)

Is there a way to create a bridge on my nose, reduce flair, and define my tip? I just see a lot result photos of African American rhinoplasty where... READ MORE

Big Nose/Nose Asymmetry. (photos)

I am an African American woman with a big shapeless nose. On top of that, I have a really bad nostril asymmetry. This has bothered me for so long. I... READ MORE

African american rhinoplasty - What is realistically possible given my current nose structure? (Photo)

My current nose has no bridge. I'd like to define the bridge as well as make the overall nose smaller. I've pasted pictures of an actress (Gabby... READ MORE

How viable an option is African-American rhinoplasty for me? (Photo)

I appreciate my ethnic features greatly, but I have always felt my nose is not balanced with my face. My bridge is not flat, but it is very wide, and... READ MORE

Are there any African, Asian, or Latino American surgeons that specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty?

My nostrils are flatter and wider than I would like for them to be. Also too, the bridge of my nose could use more definition. I would also like to... READ MORE

Interested in Rhinoplasty. Looking for a doctor who can simply make my nose better. (Photo)

I'm not looking for drastic change, just some more definition and size reduction. I want to find a doctor who has some experience with African... READ MORE

In search of an ethnic cosmetic surgeon who's experienced in African American rhinoplasty (Photo)

African-American female wanting a slightly narrower nose. Not sure if non-surgical rhinoplasty is an option for me. Currently by nose is wide at the... READ MORE

Surgeons with experience of Ethnic/African American rhinoplasty nose job? Am I suitable? (Photos)

28 year old female. Mixed race (white/caribbean) London based, does anyone have any recommendations for a surgeon that specialises in ethnic... READ MORE

African American Rhinoplasty? (Photos)

I'm considering Rhinoplasty, but am fearful that the results will come off as unnatural or obvious. I have a whide bridge with little definition and... READ MORE

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