Costs + African American Rhinoplasty

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Would African American Rhinoplasty Cost More Than the Regular?

I'm interested in Ethnic Rhinoplasty. I'm African American and would love to get a Nose job. I was wondering about the price range would it be... READ MORE

Does It Cost More to Fix a Large African American Nose Hump?

I was just wondering if this would be considered a large hump and would cost more than normal to straighten out. Also do u think if i only got it... READ MORE

I have $5,000 saved up for rhinoplasty. How much more do I need to save up? I live in Florida. African American descent (Photo)

I want to know how much more I need to save I have 5000$ saved and I want rhinoplasty to improve my appearance I am saving all this money out of... READ MORE

I have flat nose with wide nostrils. Can it be fixed? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I am African and my nose is something I really want to change. My nostrils are so wide and flat. I feel so uncomfortable when I look into the mirror.... READ MORE

What is an Estimate of the Cost of my Procedure? (photo)

I want the bridge of my nose narrowed & defined, my tip smaller & refined, and my nostril width reduced. Considering these specific requests,... READ MORE

What can be done for my Afro-Asian nose? (photos)

As you can see in my picts, my nose is very wide, fat, and flat. It just ruins my entire face. I want it to be fixed by a talented surgeon. My only... READ MORE

How much do you think my Rhinoplasty would cost for African American woman? (photos)

I want higher bridge and smaller nostrils without losing circular shape. READ MORE

What would improve the appearance of my wide, flaring nostrils?

I am satisfied the projection and ethnic tip of my nose- however I am greatly displeased with my extremely wide, flaring nostrils. I would like to... READ MORE

What is the cost of tip Rhinoplasty under local anesthesia?

I am look for a doctor to perform tip rhinoplasty only. The problem I have with my nose are exposed nostrils and a high tip. I would like to have the... READ MORE

African American nose tip reduction? A better nose and jaw line. (Photo)

Would I look OK with a nose tip reduction and a small chin implant. I know I can get the non surgical nose job but I want my nostrils smaller and even... READ MORE

African American female looking for a surgeon and cost estimates in AZ for a nose tip and alarplasty done on my nose? (photo)

It cost 10,000 dollars for a full nose job can't afford that right now. Would like to get something done to lose the excessive width at the bottom of... READ MORE

Cost of African American Rhinoplasty?

Tip refinement and added height on the nose. READ MORE

African American rhinoplasty BCPS in NY City (Photo)

I'm African 21 and want to have a rhinoplasty performed in NY. I've been searching for a surgeon for months but I'd like an expert's recommendation on... READ MORE

African American rhinoplasty or ethnic rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hi I'm 41 yo female Hispanic looking to get a rhinoplasty in few months!! I never liked my nose And always feel uncomfortable with it I finally... READ MORE

I want to do a nose job, my nose is wide " middle eastern." Any suggestions?

1) i wanna know if i am able to get a difference ? i don`t wanna lose spend my money for nothing. 2) what is the recovery time? 3) do i need to stay... READ MORE

I want to get my nose done. I'm African American and I would just like the nostrils taken in a little. Any suggestions?

Cost of a nose job. How long is recovery .can your nose be nonsurgical if getting the nostrils taking in READ MORE

I want to change several things but keep my black features at the same time, will it work? (photo)

Hi :) - I want the corner of my lips to begin where i draw ( blue) on my picture ( is it possible ?) - i find my nose so thick , is it possible to get... READ MORE

What would you recommend? (Photo)

Looking for a ethnic Rhinoplasty specialist in the NYC/NJ area most closest to Rhode Island. I would like a masculine nostril yet natural, reduce the... READ MORE

Is it possible to get rhinoplasty for under 4,000 USD? (Photo)

I'm African American. I'm looking to make my nose more narrow and not so flared.I need a surgeon who has worked on ethnic noses. I will be paying cash... READ MORE

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