Alarplasty + African American Rhinoplasty

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Nostril Reduction Technique Throught the Mouth?

I consulted a doctor a week ago for an ethnic Rhinoplasty (I am African american). He told me he reduces nostril going through the mouth (in front of... READ MORE

What is alarplasty? Is there such a thing as "Ethnic Alarplasty"

Can alarplasty give good results for a round and bulbous African American nose with a bulbous tip? I don't see much info about "ethnic alarplasty"... READ MORE

Should I Get the Hump in my Nose Removed Before I Consider Alarplasty?

Hello, I am an African female considering rhinoplasty. The main problem I have with my nose it the hump in it but I am also considering making my nose... READ MORE

What is the difference between a rhinoplasty and an alarplasty? (Photo)

I honestly think I need a rhinoplasty because my nose has no shape no bridge and it's to flat. Which surgeon performs best for an African American. Help! READ MORE

I'm interested in African American rhinoplasty in Atlanta/MIami, NY or DC. Can you help me? (Photo)

So I've had 4 plastic surgery consultations and ever doctor tells me something different. The first doctor told me he would insert a silicone implant... READ MORE

What is the difference between Rhinoplasty and an alarplasty? Which one is needed for me? Which dr is recommended for me?(photo)

I am an African American who has been interested in rhinoplasty for over 3 yrs and this is the year I will go through with the procedure, decided to... READ MORE

African American female looking for a surgeon and cost estimates in AZ for a nose tip and alarplasty done on my nose? (photo)

It cost 10,000 dollars for a full nose job can't afford that right now. Would like to get something done to lose the excessive width at the bottom of... READ MORE

Alarplasty only? I want to decrease the width of my nose. (photos)

But I don't want a complicated full open rhinoplasty. I don't want to completely change my nose just a slight change. Am I able to achieve by desired... READ MORE

Is alarplasty and tip plasty the right procedure for me? I have a broad and wide nose. (photo)

I wish to minimize the size of my nosetrils because I believe they are to wide. I would also want to make the nose more narrow and pointed. I am... READ MORE

Are rhinoplasty (ethnic too) surgeons usually able to perform good alarplasties as well?

And I mean good board certified surgeons. The question is for both white and ethnic rhinoplasty, but I'm African American so primarily ethnic. READ MORE

African American Alarplasty advice please.

Dear Doctors I will like to know if just alarplasty will help me get a better version of the nose i have already. Am not too worried about my nose but... READ MORE

What type of surgical nose procedure to consider as an individual with African descent? (Photo)

I'm debating whether a rhinoplasty or alarplasty would be more appropriate for my nose? I'm not looking for any remodeling/ or reshaping so that my... READ MORE

Trying to find the best plastic surgeon in my city for alar base reduction. I'm a African American male with thick skin. (photo)

I'm a African American male with thick skin and plan to have a alar base reduction in January... This question is to get the opinion of other... READ MORE

Jamaican & Portuguese 20-yo female: I'm considering an African-American rhinoplasty or alarplasty, what are my options? (Photos)

As I got older my nose had changed a lot, but I do believe now that it I s officially done changing. I feel like my nose bridge is very straight and... READ MORE

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