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How Long Do Affirm Laser Treatments Last?

Just had Reaffirm treatment on my neck, and it was recommended I do 5 more treatments. How long would the results of Reaffirm last? I find the price I... READ MORE

What Should Be Expected 10 Days After Affirm?

I had Affirm treatment 10 days ago. What benefits should I be expecting to see or notice by this time? I see none READ MORE

Need help with Severe burn from a Affirm laser treatment! (photos)

Three days ago I received an affirm laser treatment. The physician performed the treatment herself. I'm so upset because this physician burned a hole... READ MORE

Dark Freckling After Affirm Laser Treatment?

Help dark freckling after affirm laser on neck and jowl. READ MORE

Is it normal to have circular red and brown marks after the affirm laser treatment? (Photo)

I just had my first affirm laser treatment on my cheeks for pimple scars. After treatment, my face looks swelled and red on the treated area. The... READ MORE

Can Affirm Laser cause permanent or long term facial redness? Does it alter the blood vessels in a way that could cause this?

Had affirm laser tx done 1 year ago. No results. 2 months later I sent pic of face to show how much I struggle with redness. He said it could have... READ MORE

Is Peeling Skin and Burning After Affirm Laser Treatment Normal?

I have peeling and burnt skin on day 3 of post affirm laser treatment and am not sure if this is normal. I have had previous treatments by a... READ MORE

Can Burning from Affirm Have Compications That Are Irreversible?

I am sufferering from a skin infection, burning and peeling because of affirm over treatment. Can u tell me will my skin get better or will i have... READ MORE

What's Normal for Grid Marks After Affirm CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

21, after having my face, neck & chest resurfaced w/the Affirm Co2 laser, I still have dot-track marks (grid like) on my cheeks, under eyes, chin... READ MORE

IPL And/or Microdermabrasion After Affirm Co2 Laser Resurfacing?

I have mild grid-like track marks and lines on my face from the Affirm co2 laser resurfacing I had done a month ago (1 session instead of 3-4). Would... READ MORE

Should I Wait for Acne to Heal Before I Undergo Affirm Again?

My next session is in 5 days, but I broke out again. Should I wait for my acne to heal before I go through my next Affirm Laser session? READ MORE

What Can I Do About Stretch Marks and Burn Scars from Affirm Laser?

I'm 45 and had 3 affirm procedures done last year. I now have stretch marks and burn scars on my face, as well as more lines. Is there anything I... READ MORE

Burned After Affirm Multi Laser Nonablative, Skin Looks Horrible? Light Brown Complexion (photo)

Yesterday i went an got Affirm laser for 2 dark spots i had above my lip.When the procedure was being done i smelled my skin burning, this wasn't... READ MORE

Blister After Affirm Laser?

I had a test spot done with the Affirm laser and blistered. Is this the wrong laser for me or did she do something wrong? READ MORE

Blisters After Affirm Laser Treatment

I Had Many Bad Blisters After Affirm Treatment...What Caused That? READ MORE

How Long Can You Expect the Results to Last After Affirm Multiplex Treatments?

Is affirm multiplex worth the cost when the main area of concern is a loose neck or is it better just to get a neck lift READ MORE

Affirm Laser and Tazorac?

I did affirm lasers for my pitted scars. After getting 4 treatments (now 5 or 6 months have passed since my first laser), I still don't see positive... READ MORE

Affirm and Refirm Combined Laser Treatment?

I previous had several affirm and refirm laser treatments seperately and I loved the results. If i were to receive those two treatments combined, can... READ MORE

Fine lines more noticeable after affirm laser. Is this normal?

I did my first affirm laser treatment 3 days ago. After the redness and the swelling are gone, I notice the the fine lines or wrinkles around my cheek... READ MORE

Affirm - is there any effect on continuing to do affirm treatments for a period of 2 to 3 years?

I have completed about half a dozen affirm treatments and my scar has improved quite a bit but i want it to improve even more. is it ok to continue... READ MORE

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