Acne Treatment Videos

ZO 3-Step Peel for Age Spots, Fine Lines, and Improving Skin Texture — Watch Tara's Procedure

Rachel, an aesthetician at Dr. Frank Barone's office demonstrates the procedure for a ZO 3-Step Medical Peel and discusses what the treatment is and what you can expect. VIEW NOW


1 in 3 Women Have This Skincare Issue, Says the Doctor

Dr. Marguerite A. Germain shares these findings about acne. Published courtesy of Channel 2. VIEW NOW

This Man Gets Total FX Laser With PRP to Treat Acne Scars

Dr. Travis L. Shaw uses Total FX laser for acne scars. Combined with (Platelet-Rich Plasma) PRP it can give excellent results in about 2-4 treatment sessions. PRP has the added benefit of faster healing after the laser. VIEW NOW

Should You Pop It? The Doctor Explains How to Treat Pimples at Home

Dr. Lisa Airan discusses what happens when you pop a pimple and her recommended treatment. VIEW NOW


Is There a Connection Between Birth Control and Acne?

Dr. Lisa Airan explains how oral birth control pills can affect a woman's acne. VIEW NOW

Should You Wash Your Face Every Single Day?

Ever wondered how often you should wash your face? Dr. Lisa Airan shares her advice. VIEW NOW

This Woman Used to Have Cystic Acne — Here's What She Did About It

Christina shares how Accutane and Fraxel laser helped clear up her skin. VIEW NOW

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This Doctor Got Fraxel for Acne Scars — Hear Her Take on the Procedure

Fed up with treatments that didn't work, this doctor got laser treatment for her acne scars. Did it work? VIEW NOW

What is a Villani Treatment?

Dr. Lorrie Klein explains this treatment for acne and skin rejuvenation. VIEW NOW

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Here's What Lasers Could Do for Your Skin

Dr. Cory Torgenson's office manager, Nadine, describes what lasers can do to improve the skin. VIEW NOW

IPL in Action: See 36 Seconds of This Skincare Option

The laser targets the melanin in your skin; it the heats it and destroys. This helps to rejuvenate the skin to make it look fresh and glowing. VIEW NOW

What Is the HydraFacial? This Woman Gets One Done

Learn about the HydraFacial and what it can do for your skin. VIEW NOW

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What Is a Dermapen?

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz explains how a Dermapen can improve acne and other scarring, reduce pore size, soften fine lines, and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

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25-Year-Old Woman With Cystic Acne — The Doctor Perscribes This At-Home Treatment

Dr. Dennis Gross discusses his unique approach to treating and preventing all types of acne including cystic, hormonal, blackheads, and whiteheads in an effective and non-irritating way. VIEW NOW

Will Fillers Interfere With ThermiTight?

Err on the side of caution when it comes to using fillers and ThermiTight, says Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV. Learn more. VIEW NOW