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What's the Best Back Acne Treatment?

I HATE the back acne (backne) breakout i've had for too long. What really works best to get rid of back acne?  Is the back acne treatment the... READ MORE

Glycolic Vs. Salicylic Acid - Which Peel is Better for Acne?

I have light to moderate acne, and a friend suggested that I start getting monthly chemical peels.  I've read up on glycolic acid peel and... READ MORE

What is the Best Laser Acne Treatment?

I am really close to deciding on professional acne treatment like a laser. is there a laser that you recommend best for acne clearing?  READ MORE

Do Birth Control Pills Affect Acne?

I started breaking out about 2 years ago when I was 24. I never had skin problems before that. I have been taking Yaz birth control for about three... READ MORE

What Are the Latest Trends in Acne Treatment?

Are there new acne treatments coming to the market that work better than current ones?  READ MORE

Which Chemical Peels Are Best for Acne?

I have mild acne breakouts, and my girlfriend says acne is best treated with TCA chemcial peels. I would like to know whether peels are recommended... READ MORE

Are There Acne Treatments for Different Types of Acne?

I believe I've got what is called cystic acne.  Does this mean I need different acne treatment than if I were to have a simple form of acne? READ MORE

How do I minimise or get rid of acne (aka 'quit zits')? (Photo)

I smoked 4-10/day betweenage 16-23. About 2 weeks after quitting sore spots appeared. The clusters, mainly on my chin & cheek bones but also on my... READ MORE

Solution of small small zits or pimples on forehead? (Photo)

I am 21 year old guy and I am facing problem of small small pimples on forehead. They appear unevenly and if one is vanished and other two three... READ MORE

How can I treat my acne? (Photo)

I have gotten big boil like zits, especially on my neck, for years. They come and go but it seems like every month I get a big huge zit on my neck.... READ MORE

This is my second week with this zit and it is driving me insane....what should I do? (photo)

I had a zit that was getting huge ..i popped it (regret it) it bled and the next day it was big again. It grew a scab I put acne cream,honey and Aloe... READ MORE

What to do when pus keeps on coming out of a bunch of zits found in one ?

I^ve had a zit which spread into like 8 pinples in the same area. The area is red and tends to dry out and then start to peel. The area is also itchy,... READ MORE

After about 2 months on Spironolactone, my skin has improved some but I still get breakouts.

Do I need to give it more time? I am currently taking Minocycline and Spironolactone. In addition to Tretinoin cream in the evenings and Clindomycin... READ MORE

Whats is going on with this zit on my face? (Photo)

I have had a zit on my chin line for about a week, last night i tried to pop it and nothing would come out. This morning my face is swollen and the... READ MORE

Zit above my lip is white with red around after squeezing. I think there's still sebum in it? Not sure.

So I've had this zit for a week and a little bit ago I sterilized a needle and popped it. Some sebum came out but I think there's still some left in... READ MORE

I have this zit like bum on my neck? (photos)

Hey this zit like bump on my neck is very tender when I touch it. It feels like a zit and I tried popping it and stuff did come out. Anyone know what... READ MORE

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