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My acne and post scars are depressing. Can someone please help me? (photos)

I'm a 17 year old girl and lately my skin has been really bad. It's depressing to know that I can't go anywhere without covering up my acne and scars... READ MORE

Is It Normal That Pimples Break when I Wash my Face?

It's just something that no one talks about or seems to report but that happens to me almost everytime I wash my face, even though I don't... READ MORE

Clindamycin Solution for long period?

I'm currently using clindamycin solution since it has helped in decreasing my acne before; however I was wondering if it's adviceable to use... READ MORE

Could my birth control be causing my Cystic acne?

I have been on the birth control tri pervifem for 2 years and in the last year have begun to get cystic acne just on my chin once a month. I drink a... READ MORE

Blue Light for acne: Is it necessary to wash the face before the treatment?

I learned that blue light can help with mild acne so I'm interested in the treatment. I use sunscreen everyday. Is it okay to have the treatment while... READ MORE

Washing face/acne question

Hello! I just have a question about washing my face and acne. I mainly only get whiteheads now since I have been treated by a derm for cystic acne.... READ MORE

What should I use to help acne that keeps popping up? (photos)

I wash my face twice a day ever day I have used all sorts of face masks and face washes and nothing seems to get rid of the acne on my face. READ MORE

How do you get rid of core deep blackheads on nose?

Hello, I have had blackheads on my nose for ages now and they are very visible. I always cover them up with make up which makes me less self conscious... READ MORE

How can I get rid of and prevent further skin complications on my butt? (photo)

I have had "butt acne" since middle school and it's reqlly embarassing especially when I go to the beach. I don't understand why I get it though. I... READ MORE

Acne problems, what would be the best treatment for me? (Photos)

Hi I have acne. I had it since I was 11 and I am 23. I cut out Dairy and flour from my diet but it kinda help. I tried antibiotics, creams, natural... READ MORE

Forehead acne: could gluten or dairy be the cause? (Photos)

Acne on forehead and inbetween eyebrows.  I also get new black heads after I get them out daily but my main concern right now is the acne. Any... READ MORE

Should I wash my face every time I sweat to prevent clogged pores?

I have large pores and combination skin with adult acne. I always wash my face morning and night and I've heard that you shouldn't wash your face more... READ MORE

The acne is not so much small pimples as it is larger ones that take days to develop and come to the surface. Prone to scarring

I have been on Vyvanse for about a year now and my acne is worse now than it was in high school. My diet is not where it should be and my water... READ MORE

Benzac AC 5% and Adaferin 0.1% How to apply them together?

Just want to know if i need to wash my face after applying them, And some instruction on how to apply them together. READ MORE

Is it bad that my face feels a bit itchy after using a certain product? (Photos)

I have mild acne and I've had it for about six years now. I've never been to a dermatologist before either. My mom recently got me the proactiv xout... READ MORE

What could be the cause? Any recommendations on what wash/lotion I should use? (Photo)

I currently use neutrogena ance cleanser to wash, then neutrogena acne control lotion on my forehead and Clinique moisturizing gel on my cheeks and... READ MORE

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