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Burning Sensation from Epiduo Gel

My face is constantly burning from Epiduo Gel, so I don't know what to do. It doesn't seem like it's working either, but I was told it gets worse... READ MORE

Best Treatment Plan for Acne Scars and Active Acne?

I am a 36 y/o female with active acne (not as bad as when I was a teen)and acne scars. The scars are not what I call "craters", They do not... READ MORE

Hormonal Acne After Miscarriage - Best Treatment?

Ever since having a miscarriage i have started to break out only on my cheeks, chin, beck areas. i believe this is hormonal. i have seen... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Epiduo to Work?

I'm just wondering how long does it take for me to see results in epiduo? I will have an important function to attend in about a month. READ MORE

Is Acanya a Good Treatment for Acne?

Ia acanya a good treatment for acne READ MORE

Treatments for Cystic Acne and Large Pores

I have cystic acne and very large pores. I use Tretinoin .0025% and that helps as I only get them occasionally, now. I've always had to stay on the... READ MORE

What's the Best Treatment for Stubborn Acne?

I have been suffering from acne for eight years now. I have tried treating it but it seems nothing is working. I have oily skin. Please assist me. READ MORE

Treatment That Will Rid Infinite Micro Bumps on Face?

Are these small bumps acne or pimples? They are very small and do not show in all mirrors I look in. They do show very well in my car mirror but not... READ MORE

Is There an Acne Treatment Tailored for Active Teenage Guys?

I'm eighteen years old and I'm extremely active (I play soccer and I work with my dad in his landscaping business). I sweat a lot but I keep myself... READ MORE

Persistent Acne and Hyperpigmentation: How Can I Permanently Resolve it?

I have been on all oral medication that you can think of and topicals like Differin etc. The second I stop and ween of off it the acne comes back... READ MORE

Will Isolaz Always Make Skin Worse After Treatment?

24 hours after treatment my skin has 10 new cystic spots. I have only had 2 treatments spaced one week apart. READ MORE

Why is the Isotretinoin Course Shorter in the UK?

My son is 16 and it has taken 2.5 years to get a referral to the hospital, we had to go through every variation of antibiotic and topical face washes... READ MORE

I have little bumps on my face that won't go away. No cyst comes out of the bumps. What are they and how will they go away?

It's been 2 years since these little bumps surfaced on my face They won't go away . There is no cyst inside and they won't pop . I have new ones... READ MORE

Options for cystic acne on chin only?

32 years old, Suffering from Rosacea well controlled with apprilon and rosiver cream. Developed 5 months ago severe cystic acne just on the sides of... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for my current skin condition? (Photos)

I have been using retin a to treat my acne. My skin becomes red and sensitive after using retin a. I'm not sure if retin a causes the damage on my... READ MORE

16 Year Old Female with Mild/Moderate Acne: What Treatment Would you Recommend for my Skin ?

Im a 16 year old female with mild/moderate but persistent acne. I have used every product out there varying in price from acne org, proactive, paula's... READ MORE

Acne Post Rhinoplasty

Bad Acne Post Rhinoplasty Not from Cast or Tape.  Treatment Plan That Works Other Than What I've Been Doing? I’ve read cases where... READ MORE

Mandelic acid in soaps, is it as effective as those in toners and serum preparation?

My derm just prescribed me a mandelic+tranexamic acid soap to use 2x daily then spot treat pimples with epiduo. Will the soap be okay and effective to... READ MORE

Acne issues, persistant for more than a decade. What's the best treatment?

Since when i was a teenager, i have battled with pimples. It's hereditary because my mom had same issues when she was younger. i have tried everything... READ MORE

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